Hashimoto's and Food 1
Hashimoto’s and Food 900 600 Stacey Robbins

Hashimoto’s and Food

You know, food is a trip. It’s not just what’s on our plate for 3 squares and 2 snacks a day…It’s part of our cultureOur friendshipOur celebrationAnd our mourning It’s our nationalityAnd our sense of identityAnd the way we feel…

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Losing Weight with Hashimoto's 2
Losing Weight with Hashimoto’s 900 600 Stacey Robbins

Losing Weight with Hashimoto’s

Let’s be honest: It’s no fun having a few extra pounds on your body under normal circumstances. The bra feels a little tighterThe sleeves feel a little snuggerThe pants don’t have quite the same giveAnd they ride up uncomfortably into…

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30 Days of Transformation 3
30 Days of Transformation 900 600 Stacey Robbins

30 Days of Transformation

  Spring was full of focus, a ton of work, and not a lot of balance. I felt like the dude in the V8 commercials who was walking sideways above the street. Since all of my attention was on paying…

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