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Stacey’s Latest Book

Have you ever felt guilty for questioning all that you have ever been taught about God and spirituality?

Where you’re left wondering how you can believe in
A God of Peace, but you feel so anxious…
A God of Joy, but you feel so depressed…
A God of Love but you feel so afraid…

Buckle up for a road trip from Hell as you ride along with the Robbins Family on their move from California to New York, with an infant and toddler in tow, to bring their music and messages to a little church along the Hudson River. While thinking this will be the peaceful escape from the busyness of her Southern California life, Stacey encounters a Divine message that unravels everything. Join their adventure as Stacey’s spiritual journey takes her from

stuck places to Free,
anxious places to Peace,
and fear places to Love.

Buckle up for a bumpy ride over spiritual terrain that some might consider taboo. God Loves Me, I Think is a hilarious and gritty journey across staunchly held religious beliefs, secrets, traumas, and the Lone Star state in search of unconditional peace… Stacey Robbins is a masterful storyteller who leads the way

Tracy Panzarella
Author, Screenwriter, and Lifestyle Host at KOLO and KRNV News

The way Stacey describes her connection with God makes more sense to me than any sermon I’ve ever heard. This is a book about healing, genuine connection, and the sacred power of rest — some of the most meaningful themes of the times. The wisdom she found and generously shares with us in God Loves Me, I Think is a genuine gift.

Lori Beth Auldridge
Creator & Host of Elevating Motherhood Podcast

This book is particularly special for me because through my health battles with Hashimoto’s and Lyme disease I’ve also struggled with my faith and my picture of what God is… This book has helped me find peace and the beauty of divine intervention — something that can so easily be lost in the shadows of chronic illness.

Jen F
Amazon 5-Star Review

stacey robbins: wisdom – clarity – perspective – peace

This is about you.

I listen deeply to you, with you, and for you as we talk about life, love, health, relationships, and God.

We will find the spiritual in the practical and the practical in the spiritual.

We will see from a higher perspective that allows you to feel powerful, happy, peaceful, and free.

You came here for an experience in such a time as this.

Let’s amplify your experience in the most beautiful, life-giving ways that you make you feel like you are on top of life, instead of feeling like life is on-top of you.

This is your time.

What People Are Saying

“I want to thank you so deeply for the space you created to work through my childhood traumas… trauma therapy can be so dicey because if it’s not done safely and with enough comfort and care, it can backfire and just cause even more retraumatization. You were really the first person who ever enabled me to talk openly about it, work through it, and come out on the other side feeling stronger and less broken. I am so grateful for the love, encouragement and wisdom you gave me–you are very special and have a unique gift that is rare and precious.”

Courtney M.

“Stacey Robbins, I loved your book and love learning from you. You’ve helped me in so many ways – I’ve actually learned to ‘listen’ to my body and my life is so much better than it was 5 years ago because I found you!”


“Time and again Stacey has provided me with experiential insight and direction often even beyond what my own doctors have given. It’s obvious she has dedicated herself to helping others expedite their process of feeling better and getting well. Many of my symptoms have reversed and I lost almost 40 pounds in 3 months. Stacey has become my trusted resource. Her guidance has truly helped me assess what’s best for me and how I can take practical next steps. And let me tell you what an added bonus it is to not only have someone in your corner who understands, but that you can count on to respond with gentleness, compassion, and wit. Thank you, Stacey!”

Alicia S.

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Inspiration, joy, adventure, wisdom, miracles, laughter, and healing – that’s what you can count on as you travel with Stacey (and her family) through the pages of her books – and the journey of her life that will deeply touch yours.

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