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I was one of those kids that other kids, older kids and even adults would say, “I want to tell you something that I’ve never told anyone before.” I could feel where people were coming from. I was honored that they trusted me and I had this strong sense, even at an early age, that I had an ability to see the wisdom in a situation and to help the person across from me, find their way to a better place.

Stacey Robbins - CHC, RYT200

I began officially counseling as an ordained minister in 1998. And then, when I expanded outside of the religious context, I became a life coach, personal coach — you know, there were a million names that went around during those years — and I finally landed on “Integrated Wellness” coach. I may change that to something sexier at some point, but to me, it’s about integrating all of your life — your head, your heart, your relationships, your health, your spirituality, your play, your work, your words — to come together so that you stop feeling so disconnected from yourself, and in coming together, aligning all those parts of you toward your happiest, healthiest, and highest purpose here.

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I studied different thought philosophies, religions, and humanism — finding the common threads and pitfalls in humanity — and the access points to freedom — all for the sake of bringing healing to myself through my experiences and bringing that healing to others in theirs.

It’s honestly so exhilarating and so much fun to be in coaching with a situation that feels overwhelming and, after time in a session, to find yourself feeling lighter, freer, more powerful and able to find your best self to navigate through.

To feel relieved.
And free.

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Some people come with a relationship issue, a health crisis, a financial challenge…some come with a dream in their heart that they want support and a plan to help make that dream a reality. Some come to coaching simply to check in and get another perspective on how they’re seeing life — and to clear away anything that doesn’t serve them as they’re moving forward.

Whatever reason you come to coaching, you will find your greatest strength there. My heart and aim in our sessions is to set powerful intentions and to support you in discovering your ability to set powerful intentions, too. An intention means a clear direction, with all your good ju-ju and power behind it — to make that dream come true.

What do you want your life to look like? Your health? Your relationships? Your finances? Your peace? We create the space for you to dream, setting our sights on what inspires you, brings you joy, and fulfills your desire and destiny.

In light of the dream, we take care of what’s in the way of your desired outcomes.

We clear away the obstacles in our path — those stories that don’t serve our highest good and the beliefs that limit us from reaching our soul’s purpose. When we meet, it’s not about seeing you as broken and needing to be fixed, it’s about seeing you as whole and illuminating that so clearly that everything else is addressed in the light of your greatness, beauty, and love.

It matters how you see you and life because every place we set our sights we move toward. Just like when we’re driving a car. We look to the side, we veer off the road. So, what are you focusing on in yourself? If it’s your greatness and power, you will move your life toward that, but if it’s negative thoughts and crappy self-belief, you move toward that.

We want to shift our inner gaze so that it’s focused on the goodness we were created in and created for. As Frederick Buechner said (with a few of my own words added): “Your vocation (lifework/purpose) is where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.”

We get in touch with your joy — because what makes you happy is what will make a difference to every life you touch.


Coaching fees: $250/hr
Special package prices are available for 4 or more sessions.
Sessions are by phone in the US and through What’s App for international calls.
Onsite consultation is available — rates will be quoted upon request.

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A charming and refreshing collection of original quotes by the inspiring and award winning author, Stacey Robbins that comes to life with the whimsical art designs of Susannah Parrish. The perfect gift for that woman in your life who needs to be encouraged, inspired, healed, and reminded that she makes life beautiful.