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 I help strong, spiritually minded woman turn their dreams into reality. I have done this in my own life dozens of times — and have the honor to be a way shower and practical guide for other women to do the same.  Click the image below to check out my new 1:1 coaching program Dreamalities:™ Dream Your Life, Live Your Dreams,™ so you can start living into the magic we will create together! 

my journey

Life used to feel heavy.
My relationships
My spirituality
My thoughts
My body

It was filled with childhood traumas that turned into sabotaging thought patterns.

It didn’t mean that all of life was bad – because it wasn’t. I was a dynamic human, with tremendous gifts, and good people around me. It meant that life was harder than it had to be, because of bad ideas that affected my choices, my habits, my sense of safety, and my joy of life.

As I’ve walked through life, asking questions, addressing fears, examining my heartset and mindset, I found my way to a different place.

A lighter place
A deeper place

A place with humor and grace,
Options and opportunities

A place where self-acceptance happens more readily than self-rejection
Where I can know my own peace and power
And live my dreams as I support you in living yours.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in ideas that don’t serve me
And to feel stuck in relationships where I don’t feel like the best version of who I am.
And I know what it’s like to settle into my skin, speak my piece, and live my truth.

I have learned how to use everything that comes to me and use it for my good
And I want to share every good thing that I have with you.

I’m here to create experiences where you encounter the strongest, most beautiful, most open-hearted, dream-maker version of you that exists.

For you to feel happy, peaceful, and free.
For you to live in your greatest wisdom and joy while you’re living out your days.
For you to feel fully engaged with the people around you.
Like life is in technicolor – and not in grey tones.

It’s time for depth
And lightness.

For a strong mind
And an open heart.

It’s time for the best of what’s available to you
To be at home within you, through you, and all around you.

It’s time to take those next steps toward coming home to you.

Your heart is calling.

Answer it.

courtney writes…

Stacey is one of a kind and is truly one of the most gifted people I have ever met. She embodies every quality you would want in a coach: deep intelligence, incredible compassion and empathy, and a unique and remarkable intuition. Her ability to identify and help you move through whatever it is you are struggling with is unparalleled.

I have made more progress in just a few months working with her than in years with other practitioners. I give her the absolute highest of recommendations, and feel excited for whoever gets the gift of getting to work with her, because I know their lives will be forever changed. My praise for her and her amazing impact knows no limits!

how i got started…

I spent my life as a curious child, avid reader, and observer of people and how they lived in relationship with themselves and each other. I had some very unique and special gifts – as a child and to this day – where I knew what was unspoken and could see and feel layers of what was going on beneath the surface for people. I would find myself having dreams at night or visions during the day, about events that were happening that no one told me, but I just knew. When I shared that, the person would feel known and seen on such deep and healing levels. It was profound. It opened up the pathway for people to share and I heard often, “I’ve just told you something, I’ve never told anyone else.”

So, growing up, I was very spiritually connected and felt a deep love and connection to people. I wanted them to always experience: Relief, empowerment, and freedom.

I spent my years seeking wisdom and studying different thought philosophies, religions, and humanism — finding the common threads and pitfalls in humanity — and the access points to freedom — all for the sake of bringing healing to myself in my experiences and bringing that healing to others in theirs.

I began officially counseling as an ordained minister in 1998. A few years later, I expanded outside of the religious context and became a personal coach and trusted advisor to my clients who have been a cross-section of CEO’s, stay-at-home moms, celebrities, ministers, political figures, health professionals, authors, film makers and more… Regardless of the background, they shared in common their incredible strength of mind, belief that their situation could be bettered through the coaching process, and their commitment to take action to make their lives what they want.

But there’s more – the reason people intersect with me is that they are also willing to be seen and understood in that spiritual way that my gifts offer.

Coaching sessions are filled with conversations that bring clarity, wisdom, high mindsets and practical solutions and my clients leave our time with greater peace, perspective, and practices that help make their lives more of what they truly want. It’s one of my greatest joys to see the power of a conversation take someone from feeling overwhelmed to feeling
And Free

maggie writes…

Just finished reading my favorite book of the year! Well, maybe my favorite book of the last few years! I’m proud to call Stacey my friend and ‘Hashimoto’s Sister.’ This is a zany look into her wonderful family that doesn’t fit the mold. Stacey is a brilliantly gifted writer who will engage and inspire you and make you realize that you can live the life you have always wanted in spite of the messes, the cellulite, and the kid fights . There is joy in the trenches that we are all trudging through. This book is hard to put down. You will laugh, you will cry, and then you will laugh some more.

what matters to you?

Is it a key relationship
Your health
Your business dreams
Your spirituality
Your concerns for the future
Or your healing from the past?

Whatever it is, there is a way to separate out
Which part is within your control, and which isn’t.
How you can think about it differently
And what actions you can take to get the results you truly want.

Coaching is for the part of you that believes life can be better
And the part of you that is willing to partner with your success in making it that way.

regina writes…

Just finished reading an Unconventional Life!! Stacey I loved it! I have to say that the last two chapters were my favorite! Loved how there was a little bit of everything – humor, wisdom, faith and life’s struggles. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book.

why coaching?


Do you have any idea how powerful you are
And that, if you’re not feeling that way,
How quickly you can come back to that place?

A conversation that restores you back to your power is what coaching is all about.

Sahdguru talks about how we need each other. That we can’t smell our own breath when it is right under our nose.

That’s not very sexy, but it’s the real deal.

Coaching allows that person across from you to be able to see more clearly your strengths, situations, obstacles, and what will help you to think clearer thoughts and take more effective action – and then, they support you in that.



a grateful client writes…

Stacey is one of a kind and is truly one of the most gifted people I have ever met. She embodies every quality you would want in a coach: deep intelligence, incredible compassion and empathy, and a unique and remarkable intuition. Her ability to identify and help you move through whatever it is you are struggling with is unparalleled.

who coaching is for…

Coaching is for the person who is:

– ready to experience positive change in an area of their life
– committed to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions
– coachable
– willing to do the work in shifting the mindset
– prepared to take the action steps needed to get their desired result
– understands that the process can sometimes be messy
– excited to invest in themselves

who coaching is not for…

Coaching is not for the person who is:

– unclear on the direction or intention for the results they want to have
– focused on blaming other people rather than taking personal responsibility
– not open to constructive feedback
– unwilling to do the work
– impatient with progress
– has emotional or mental diagnosis that is unmanaged and requires a specialist
– sees coaching as a ‘cost’ and not an ‘investment’

Featured Book

Bloom Beautiful: Inspirational Musings and Memes

A charming and refreshing collection of original quotes by the inspiring and award winning author, Stacey Robbins that comes to life with the whimsical art designs of Susannah Parrish. The perfect gift for that woman in your life who needs to be encouraged, inspired, healed, and reminded that she makes life beautiful.

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