God Loves Me I Think…: Stories from Hell, Heaven, and the Other Side of Texas

Have you ever felt guilty for questioning all that you have ever been taught about God and spirituality?

Where you’re left wondering how you can believe in
A God of Peace, but you feel so anxious…
A God of Joy, but you feel so depressed…
A God of Love but you feel so afraid…

Buckle up for a road trip from Hell as you ride along with the Robbins Family on their move from California to New York, with an infant and toddler in tow, to bring their music and messages to a little church along the Hudson River. While thinking this will be the peaceful escape from the busyness of her Southern California life, Stacey encounters a Divine message that unravels everything. Join their adventure as Stacey’s spiritual journey takes her from

stuck places to Free,
anxious places to Peace,
and fear places to Love.

An Unconventional Life: Where Messes and Magic Collide

If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall to someone’s off-the-beaten path experiences, you get to do that with Stacey Robbins and her family in An Unconventional Life: Where Messes and Magic Collide. These true-to-life stories about Cellulite and Ninjas, traveling across the globe, and unbelievable encounters in unexpected places, will engage and inspire you — make you laugh and make you think… about how brave we can be to create our dreams or to find the lessons and sweetness, hiding in the not-so-dreamy times. You don’t need to be rich or famous to do it — you just need to be willing to be true to your heart to live An Unconventional Life.

You’re Not Crazy and You’re Not Alone

Stacey explores the common areas that women with Hashi’s struggle: like perfectionism and self-rejection — and common past experiences — like abuse or injury. Stacey inspires women to look at their lives, and Hashimoto’s differently, and to use this diagnosis as an opportunity for inner healing, greater happiness, and loving themselves.

The Guy’s Guide to Hashimoto’s

“I make the mistakes, so you don’t have to!” Rock Robbins – Wouldn’t it be nice to have somebody who could pinch hit life’s tough spots for us? Well, look no further. The Guys’ Guide to Hashimoto’s is Rock’s story of how he was asleep at the wheel with his wife’s Hashimoto’s diagnosis, how he woke up, and what he learned. This book is filled with bite sized wisdom, humor, survival tips, personal stories and perspective from 20+ years of experience. It’s here to help you win back your relationship and your sanity – all while helping her to win back her health.

Bloom Beautiful

A charming and refreshing collection of original quotes by the inspiring and award winning author, Stacey Robbins that comes to life with the whimsical art designs of Susannah Parrish. The perfect gift for that woman in your life who needs to be encouraged, inspired, healed, and reminded that she makes life beautiful.

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