Stacey Robbins

modern mystic
intuitive coach
retreat goddess

“You’ve seen my descent, now watch my rising.” – Rumi

a trip in the wayback machine:

Raised in the NorthEast, crazy Italian-Catholic family, amazing food, gorgeous people, award-winning holidays, served with deep grudges and an extra side of guilt.

My childhood was a mix of hilarity, greatness, and trauma.

My therapies were music, poetry, reading and diving deep into God as a way to heal what no one was healthy enough to teach me.

The inner relationship with Spirit was very important to me.

Life-changing and life-saving.

a little background…

I became a professional musician at the age of 15, playing piano in country clubs and hotels and then, our family moved to California when I was 18. I performed all over So Cal, met my future husband, sax-player & tech geek, Rock Robbins, and we eloped at 20 and 21.

It was a whirlwind from there and for the next 36 years  – making a big impact through our music, health crashing, finances burning, leaving religion, redefining spirituality, overcoming fears, big travel, and having kids in the middle of it all. We’ve been growing up, growing deeper, and growing together. I would change a lot of how I did things but I wouldn’t change who I did them with. I love this man and he loves me.

as for me and my philosophy…

People come to the table with a checklist, really wanting to know what you believe.
I get it. We want to feel safe.
And that we’re in the care of someone who will be respectful of what we care about and not blow our life, theology, or relationships apart.

That’s important.

I get it.

Here’s what I can tell you about me…

I’m a middler who lives in the ‘and’.

(You’ll understand what that means in a minute.)

I have a rich and diverse background from family, life, culture, religion, mysticism, relationships, education, travel, healing modalities, and experiences in general.

I know what it’s like to work as a well-established, well-paid professional musician working with major artists –

And I know what it’s like years later, to hit a health bump with two young kids and be creatively homeless.

I know what it’s like to live in deep anxiety about driving, flying, and traveling beyond my front door – and I know what it’s like to hop on a 12 hour flight and stay for months at a time across the world.

I know what it’s like to be afraid of God and messing up my right-now-life and my after-life-eternity – and I know what it’s like to go on a big, ol’ hairy, spiritual journey that helped me lay some of those pressures down and pick up peace instead.

I know what it’s like to go from stuck places to free
From anxious places to peace
And fear places to love.

I use everything and integrate all that I can because my goal isn’t about doing it right according to others, it’s about doing it with wisdom, resilience, resourcefulness, peace, integrity, service, honesty, healing, and heart.

I am here to live a human-spiritual experience.

I love Jesus – and I think crystals are pretty cool.
I love natural health – and I am grateful for modern medicine.
I love ancient wisdom and a crunchy way of living life – and I really dig my iPhone.
I love evolving and changing, and creating new realities – and I appreciate traditions and rituals.

I love people.
I don’t care what flavor of religion or politics you stand for because before you ever chose those things to believe in, you were a human/spiritual being designed to love and be loved. I care about that more than the labels.

I care about you.
And what you care about.

And I care differently than most people do.

I have had this ability since I was a child to know things that no one tells me. It’s uncanny and otherworldly and some people have called it prophetic, psychic, intuitive, or a channel.

One of those words ends up offending or scaring someone, so the best word that I can use is ‘knowing.’

I have a knowing of things beyond my 26 years of counseling and coaching people
Beyond my 54 years of life experience
Beyond what you tell me
Beyond what I see.

So, I bring that to all of life – feeling things, knowing things, understanding things on a level and layer that makes it really powerful in my coaching sessions, really entertaining at parties, and really a pain in the ass if you live under my roof and you’re trying to steal cookies from the cookie jar.

speaking of those people…

Rock, Caleb, and Seth – these are my people.

You know a little about Rock, so let me share about life with the boysies…

We did a hybrid of a modern/crunchy life of:
A short stint at public school
And a few years at Waldorf
before returning to homeschooling again through the remainder of their middle and high school years.

I raised my kids without a TV in our home and limited computer time.
A lot of music, nature, building Legos, baking, hikes, art, reading, and hilarious conversations.
They got their first phones at 18 and 16.
And yes, they were flip phones.


I was that mom.

Farmer’s markets
Organic foods
Musical instruments
And conscious conversations.

Don’t worry… my husband balanced things out with spontaneous (read: sneaky) trips through the drive thru at McDonald’s, some really gross indoor plastic playgrounds, red dye 40, and a movie theater experience or three that I did not know about.


Like I said, it was hybrid.

I worked as a counselor, writer, keynote speaker, and professional musician, went through a few massive health crises, and did wild things to help my health:

I.e. Like when we turned off all but two breakers in our house for 4 years to make the energy more chill. Sunlight by day, candlelight by night. We called it “The Indoor Camping Experiment” (which you can read about in my book An Unconventional Life: Where Messes and Magic Collide, if you missed us on the ABC evening news in 2012…)

My main goal with the boys was connection: I believed that they were born connected to their souls and I wanted to foster that connection in remaining strong and clear.

That meant more healthy eating – and less toxic foods.
More healthy relationships – and less toxic relatives and friendships.
More healthy input – and less toxic influences of media and music.

It wasn’t easy.
It wasn’t perfect.
But it was worth it.

These boys are so much fun – so loving, bright, hilarious, and healing – and connected…

To themselves, to us, and to each other – to their passions, their process, and to the world.

and to wrap it up…

My name, ‘Stacey’, is Greek and means, ‘of the resurrection – like a Phoenix, rising from the ashes’. My astrological sign has its highest vibration as a Phoenix, rising from the ashes.

That’s a lot of rising. And a lot of ashes.

If you have ashes to rise from, that means there’s been a significant amount of fire and the death of ideas about what you thought life should be.

I am well-versed in this.

It makes for a sometimes nerve-wracking, exhausting life
Followed by miracles
Followed by strength and perspective
Followed by amazing stories to tell
And profound wisdom to impart.

I am an Alchemist who turns every ash into beauty
Every pain into wisdom.
And every fear into love.

I use all of it.

It will all serve me.

Even the things that feel like right-now devastation, they are part of my future rising.

I will share it all with you
So that it can serve you in the most wildly beautiful and freeing ways
And you can feel your power too.

And, just to be clear: in my next life, I would like a few less ashes, a few more massages, a fast metabolism, and someone to please name me ‘Beyonce’.

Featured Book

God Loves Me, I Think…: Stories from Hell, Heaven, and the Other Side of Texas 

Have you ever felt guilty for questioning all that you have ever been taught about God and spirituality?

Where you’re left wondering how you can believe in
A God of Peace, but you feel so anxious…
A God of Joy, but you feel so depressed…
A God of Love but you feel so afraid…

Buckle up for a road trip from Hell as you ride along with the Robbins Family on their move from California to New York, with an infant and toddler in tow, to bring their music and messages to a little church along the Hudson River. While thinking this will be the peaceful escape from the busyness of her Southern California life, Stacey encounters a Divine message that unravels everything. Join their adventure as Stacey’s spiritual journey takes her from

stuck places to Free,
anxious places to Peace,
and fear places to Love.

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