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Have you heard of Mercury (in) Retrograde?

It’s when planet Mercury, which moves the fastest, appears to be moving in reverse. This happens about 4 times a year and lasts about 3 weeks at a time.

We’re in it right now.

So, what’s the big deal?

According to those in astrology it’s a spicy time that causes some folks to brace themselves. Since Mercury is known to rule communication, this is often seen as a time when phones get lost, computers crash, and calendar dates get missed.  But that’s the easy part — the hardest part with this whole reversal is that relationships can take a tumble due to verbal missteps, misunderstandings, easy offense, and hurt.

Pretty much sure that Mercury in Retrograde has nothing on 2020.

Good lord, this year has been weird.

I click on my Next Door App (which I’ve fondly renamed “Dear Jesus, What’s Next…”) and brace myself with eyes squinting in dreaded anticipation.

People are being mean.
And, did I mention, mean?

So, I take a break from that war zone and head to social media where my head swirls as many seem to have their Master’s Degree in Zingers That Slay, and Ph.D.’s in Trolling, Shame, and Blame.


By the time I’m 30 minutes in, honestly, I feel depressed.

And that’s before my feet hit the floor.

That’s in the short space between my eyes opening and my bladder begging to be relieved.

 I need to do something different.

And that’s why I’ve made a new commitment…


I’m kind of famous for something

And I don’t mean the music career I’ve had, or the books I write, or being a mom to amazing Thing 1 and Thing 2… nope.

I’m famous for turning hard things into good things.

For seeing life as my ‘opportunity’ when it looks like it’s falling apart.

An Unconventional Life by Stacey Robbins

Yeah. It’s aggravating, I know. Especially when you want to bitch and moan with good reason about all that’s going on in life, but honestly? I can only do that for so long before I want to make a career out of vodka on the rocks and large bars of milk chocolate so, I HAVE to get up from my complaining and do something different.

– When we went through the private school craziness filled with bullying and pain, I packed up our life and took my family on a cross-country tour and headed to Italy for several months to find our center.

– When we went through the moldy apartment, instead of being focused on the negligent landlord, I focused on finding the place of our dreams.

– When I went through health stuff I made it a journey of healing the heart and then, helping others heal — layers deep — too.

– When family or community members betrayed us, I took it as a sign to love more, forgive and be stronger with my boundaries.

Mercury in Retrograde – and 2020 – appear to be spiraling out of control but, truly, they are my opportunities to slow down, get spiritual, and settle more deeply into my soul.

To ask myself what do I want my life to be, who do I want it to be with, and what impact do I want to make?

These are the questions I’ve been asking myself anyway as I entered my perimenopausal, 51st year…

So, here I am.


It’s a little irritating, I won’t lie. It’s not as exciting as being angry and saying mean things on Facebook — having strong opinions and running away after you’ve verbally lobbed grenades at people, now loosely called ‘friends’ —  but these harder, less-sexy questions are worth working through.

And so, I’m working through them.

The way I’m doing it these days with my new commitment is:

– Morning mantra
– Stream of Consciousness Journaling
– Clean, whole foods for one meal and fasting (with prayerful thoughtfulness) many hours a day
– Walks in nature (for me, it’s the beach)
– Limited social media
– Barely any news (I tell my boys, the media doesn’t care about you, they care about keeping your attention. Beware of that narcissistic, distracting component in the news, in crowded subways, and in relationships.)
– Staying quieter, more focused on my health, my family, and my vision

That’s what helps me to anchor into the opportunity instead of the madness.

So, friends… I’m not sure what you’re thinking about this time — whether it’s the illusions of Mercury spinning backward or the world spinning out of control, I want to remind you:

You are powerful.
You are strong.
You are a co-creator with the Spirit of life.

This is your opportunity.

Close your eyes and keep yourself centered on what’s good in you and the ability you have to use EVERYTHING for your good, and then, you can bring that heart, that spirit, and that message to a world that desperately needs the reminder too.

We’re going to be okay. We’ve got this.

Sending you big love, hugs, and a virtual milk chocolate bar…


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