This year has been wild and I want to fill you in on some things that happened that set me back recently. It’s a good and important lesson and I never want to miss the wisdom – or miss sharing it with you, so that you don’t have to go the long, hard way like I have. If you have Hashimoto’s or know someone who does, you’re going to especially appreciate this…

I was so strong and steady in my health the first half of the year and I was at the top of my excitement when I went into my meeting with my Naturopath in May. She said, “Stacey, your body doesn’t need as much thyroid medicine, let’s pull it back.”

So, I did. But instead of pulling back just 25 mcg, I got overly ambitious to get off the synthetic meds and just be on the natural porcine so, I pulled it back 50 mcg.

Oy vey.

Lesson #1: Don’t do that.

Why? Because it can take months sometimes to adjust your thyroid meds back to something that’s good for you, but you can have a lot of crappy consequences in the meantime.

I went to Japan to see Caleb. Was inflamed and putting on weight.
I got injured at the Meiji Shrine (maybe I did my offering wrong at the altar???)
And when I returned home to So Cal two weeks later, I was sure that my ankle, knee and wrist would heal in more than enough time for me to leave for 2 months in Italy around Labor Day.

Ummm…. Apparently not.

Lesson #2: You can give your body time to heal, but don’t wait too long: you can prolong your injury…

Because in the middle of the thyroid adjustment (which I finally figured out and corrected) I ended up getting sun poisoning in Sicily (I’ll spare you the gory details) and threw my body out of whack with dehydration and more.

Rock was with me and was AMAZING and supportive, but now my body had to recover from three things:

  1. Thyroid meds mess up
  2. Knee injury
  3. Complete electrolyte imbalance

Even though…my spirits were high (I was in Italy, right?) and my mindset was so strong,  I worked my arse off getting all my vendors in place for my 2024 retreats (info coming in January!) as well as getting ready for the October 2023 retreats that everyone was excited about – including ME!

I led the retreats. They were probably my favorites EVER! Florence was magical, per usual, but these women were just THE BEST combination of fun and deep and hilarious!

I came home feeling so grateful in my heart.
And still wonky in my body.

I had found a lump in my breast while I was away at the retreat and now it needed attention.

Because I am 55 and deep in the throes of perimenopause (just ask my husband how much fun I am some days…)  my body also nose-dived with its progesterone and estrogen.

Memory failing.
Energy fading.
Brain fogging.
Breast lumping

And more weight came on.

This was not part of my script.

And yet… apparently, it is.

So, I’m in a healing season again. All the over-indulgence in gluten-free pizza and wine in Italy is being traded for protein boosts, intermittent fasting, and bone broths…

I’m spending my shekels and time on chiropractors and physical therapy and some hormonal supports.

The lump is a cyst and there are a couple of lipomas on each side.

Oh, and did I mention the sweating? Like sheets of rain dripping down from my chest to my toes.

So, friends… I will walk through this and figure it out.
I will share what I learn.
And I will continue to serve and support your health and healing whilst I heal to the next level.
Honesty is part of the process and Rock often says, “We make the mistakes so you don’t have to.”

I think he needs to come up with a new saying.

Either way, I’m going to be shifting some more things and 2024 is going to look different and be different.

  • Simplification 
  • Condensed and focused client schedule
  • Healing thoughts
  • Healing foods
  • Health protocols and practitioners in place

Cheers to learning lessons and sharing them with you.

Let’s keep learning, healing, and growing insieme (together.)

PS. Magic 100 is around the corner. It’s the perfect container for the new practices calling to you and me. Let’s rock them together. Register today!