“Allow yourself to be proud of yourself and all the progress you’ve made, especially the progress no one else has seen.” -Unknown

I remember going to a new doctor about 5 years ago… something I’ve often as I’ve found my way through the crazy maze of Hashimoto’s.

He took one look at me
Looked at my chart
And said,

“You have to lose weight.”

First comment out the gate.

I rolled my eyes on the inside.

He wasn’t wrong,
I was 192 pounds.
I definitely needed to lose weight.

It’s just that he had one perspective of me.

I told him,

“Yes. I do. You see, I’m dealing with Hashimoto’s… and I was misdiagnosed for over a year. During that time, I had gained over a 100 pounds…”

He looked confused and I could see him doing the math in his head until I said,

“I was 270 pounds at my highest weight. I’ve lost 78 pounds so far.”

His eyebrows raised with interest as he made notes on his chart.

“I walk three times a day, usually ends up being 4-5 miles per day. I take yoga a few times a week.”

More writing…

“I used to be on 9 different medications that I was given for blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety, and pain. Now, I just take my thyroid meds.”

Furiously writing….

“I was told I couldn’t have children, but I did. Two. Naturally. They’re amazing.”

He turned the paper over for more space to write even more…

“And I have a book out that helps women with Hashimoto’s because I learned a lot and I wanted to make sure that other women didn’t have to go the long, hard way like I did.”

I took a breath in and waited while he let out this big exhale.

“Mrs. Robbins…” His soft gaze, filled with respect, met mine, “That is a remarkable story. Frankly, you’ve made extraordinary progress… What can I help you with today?”


Friends with a health condition, friends with a past of abuse, friends with a consuming issue in your marriage, or parenting, or finances, or extended family that takes so much of your energy… how many of you are looking at those unfinished places in your life and criticizing them deeply?

You know:

For those dishes that aren’t done or the corners that aren’t cleaned…
For the clothes that are a little tattered on your kids instead of the latest and greatest…
For the finances that are messy, the debt you’re in, and the taxes that still need to be done…
For the anxiety you’re still dealing with…
For the extra weight around your hips or your mind…

How many of us look at ourselves like the doctor did with me when he just walked in and assessed the unfinished places in front of him without factoring in the bigger story?

I do that. To myself. I  forget sometimes, honestly….I forget how extraordinary I am and how far I’ve come. How much I’ve moved the needle of my life — not just on my scale but in so many ways.

How I went from a marriage that had a lot of problems and not a lot of hope, to celebrating our 30 year anniversary this year.

How I went from harsh religious beliefs, to spiritual freedom and expansive love.

How I went from being terrified to get on a plane, to traveling joyfully all over and especially to Italy…

How I used to feel so stuck in a box of self-rejection and shame, and now I coach and influence women from all over the world with the healing, funny, inspirational journey I share with them.

And those are just a few examples.


When you look at your body and your life today, would you please remember that you are not only where you are, and you are not only where you are heading…

You are also how far you’ve come.

Remember to look at yourself with love and to say, “I’m proud of me. I admire me. I’ve come so far and I will keep going.”

And maybe you can take on the respect of the doctor’s words and say to yourself,

“You’ve made extraordinary progress… What can I help you with today?”