Hey Friends!

Are you one of my favorite peeps with Hashimoto’s? Or are you one of my favorite peeps who’s just wanting to know what the best natural preventive and supportive remedies for all things cold, flus, and Coronavirus?

As some of you know, our family dealt with Covid early in 2020 before we knew a name or anything about it.

It was right after Christmas when we rented a cozy chalet in Lake Arrowhead to give the kids a snow experience. I packed up gobs of snacks, board games and premium adult beverages and took our family up the mountain.

On the way up Seth complained of not feeling well.

While there, with an opportunity to eat his favorite BBQ chicken gluten-free pizza, he mentioned that he didn’t feel hungry.

When I asked him how delicious the food I was making smelled, he mentioned he couldn’t smell it. 

And by the time we got down the mountain and home on January 2nd, he was sporting a 103.5 fever, headache, sore throat, tight chest, and within a few days, a slight hypoxia (blue lips) for about 12 hours.

Oh dear lord…

I was about an inch away from taking him to urgent care and gave him one more day to turn around for the fever to break… which it did.

I made lists of the remedies I gave to him, which hour and how many, and I told my husband, “This is a weird flu this year… I know you want him out of pain but you CANNOT give him an Advil or a Tylenol.”

I didn’t know why but that was my instinct.

Within 5 days, the fever was gone and it had settled into a cough and fatigue.

That’s when Rock and Caleb both got red eyes and a 99 degree fever with a headache and scratchy throat and fatigue. A couple of days of rest and the same exact remedies and they were doing just fine.

Meanwhile, after 2 weeks of taking care of all these sick people breathing on me, I threw up once and was in bed with fatigue for a few days.

  • I got no cold
  • No sore throat
  • No fever

Just a slight headache and body ache, but mostly just tired.

It had run its course through our family in the month of January. 

We all have different health in our bodies and had different experiences.

Seth has a PFO (hole in his heart) so, I always watch out a little extra for him because he falls into a different risk for things like this.

Caleb has allergies and is still healing from mold toxicity so I watch out for him to see if he needs something extra.

Rock has got a strong constitution made up of McDonalds and Snicker’s bars and rarely gets sick.

And I deal with Hashimoto’s — an autoimmune condition.

I got the least version out of everyone.

I share all that with you because I want you to know that I gave all the same remedies along with rest and lots of liquids — and what I ended up intuitively and experientially giving to my husband and kids were the same things that were recommended a few months later by health professional to help deal with the Coronavirus.

Here’s what I gave our family which is very similar to what I have given for yearly flus and colds — *These easy links provided for you are for our affiliate account with Amazon if you want to click through for your order.

D3 — Having a lab level below 30 proved to increase symptoms for Covid. We took 10,000 IUS a day but when the symptoms were at their worst, we dosed 30-50K a day. Mayo Clinic recommends that cancer patients have a lab level of 80 for their D3. I think that’s a wise aim for all of us, in general but especially in cold and flu season. There are also reports that D3 did more to prevent/shorten flu symptoms than the yearly flu shot did.
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K2 — This is an essential partner to D3. It helps to carry the calcium to the places that it would be best served. You don’t want to calcify arteries and K2 ensures that the D3 travels to the right places in our body to do the best good and least harm. We take about 100 mcg of K2 for every 5,000-10,000 IUS of D3.

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Liposomal Vitamin C Liposomal C is encased in fat and can travel farther into your system and create the most benefits WITHOUT you wasting a lot of it in your bathroom time. This antioxidant is GREAT for boosting your immune system and getting rid of free radicals.
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Zinc with Copper — a known cold-fighter, zinc is especially effective early-on in a sickness. Be aware to only have what’s prescribed on the bottle as you don’t want a zinc overload and also be aware that too much zinc steals copper from the body and that’s why I love this particular brand that takes care of both.
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Oregano Oil — antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial, this oil is a catch-all for colds and viruses. One drop in a little warm water and quickly thrown back can be a great help to the system. Can also be used (one drop in warm water) for a gargle to help a sore throat!
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ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) — A natural fever reducer works great with a teaspoon in a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of raw, local honey. When Seth’s fever was high, I would put some ACV on a wet washcloth and wipe his body down while he laid on the couch and then would put it on his forehead to rest.
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Elderberry Lozenges or Syrup — a natural immune-booster that was poo-pooed early on in this but we did this for all of us and had no adverse reactions. It’s a go-to during cold and flu season.
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Onion Tea — diced onion in a cup of hot water with a tablespoon of honey to sip on and crunch the onions. Onions are great for cleansing the blood and I learned this remedy along the way several years ago for colds and flus.


Raw Garlic — a crushed clove or two, with a little butter or olive oil on a bit of rice or slice of gluten-free toast use the benefits of this anti-bacterial gift of nature.


PEMF Mat — a standard of care treatment in the UK hospitals, it shortens the life of sickness and injury by, up to, 50%. We did this 3 times a day for Seth.
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Castor oil packs – I am a fan of all things castor oil for many ailments – whether a bladder infection, stressed out stomach, weary liver, or in this case: burdened lungs. I did this for 20 minutes on the front of Seth and 20 minutes on his upper back. Then, I moved it over his liver to help process all that was going on.
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Listerine — Yup. It’s not just for bad breath, anymore. Thanks to the research of my friend and colleague, Dr. Tyna Moore, I learned that Thymol (the active ingredient in Listerine) kills up to 99% of the viral load in our mouths. DON’T DRINK IT, please people… just swish for 20-30 seconds and have your family do the same when they come and go from being out during cold and flu season.
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BONUS!! One of my favorite mineralizing, immune-boosting, antioxidant whole food products for the last 10 years is Biolumina Spirulina!

We buy extra and keep it in our emergency supplies and our boys drink their smoothies almost every day!



High-nutrition food!


Here’s my special link to use:


In between we used love, prayers, and essential oils (mostly lavender and peppermint on the head and the feet). Caleb used his healing gifts of a medical intuitive and we all cheered each other on.

We are always big hand-washers so, please always wash your hands (it’s better than sanitizer for your overall health) and clean your doorknobs daily.

Oh, and get this: I found out mid-March that Tylenol strips the majority of glutathione from our body… that is a major antioxidant to help our immune system when we’re sick. And we need MORE glutathione and not less so, my instinct on NO Tylenol for Seth was right on.

You don’t have to be a certified health coach like I am or 20 years of research… just take these tips, put these staples in your cupboard, and most of all, keep your peace high and your stress low. 

Stress and fear lowers your immune system but peace and gratitude add to your well-being.

Please let me know if there’s anything else you need that I can be a support for you during these interesting times.

Big love and great health to you!

Love, Stacey