Hello Friends and Happy Mother’s Day Week!

I’m laughing so hard, I’m going peeps in my pants — Not.Kidding!

When I thought of Mother’s Day, I thought — there are SO many moments we can relate to: Sleepless nights, worry, guilt, loving being hugged, not loving being peed on, how badly your nipples hurt after you start nursing, and how sad you are the day that they’re weaned… how you can’t wait for them to go to school and then, how badly you miss them once they’re there… hoping they have good friends, and that they are a good friend, wanting to string them up by their curly (or straight) hair, and wondering, from the next room, what that crash was.

As I was doing research for you on what universal moments I could share, I couldn’t stop laughing. 

I thought I’d bring to you not only some of the funny memes out there about parenting, but a few moments of my own. 

These boys turned me from “Stacey” to “Mom” and it’s been one of the best (hardest, enlightening, maddening, hilarious) Job Titles and Life-Assignments I could ever imagine!

So, Happy Mother’s Day to You — enjoy your seasons and moments — and may this moment here make you smile and feel loved.


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And some hilarious moments of my own…