As I sit down with the afternoon sun on my back and the browning Christmas tree in front of me, I am thinking of 2019

and you.

We wish each other a ‘Happy New Year’ and even though we all mean our best, it kind of sounds like a roll of the dice — like, “Wow, I’m not sure how it’s all going to work out, but I hope it’s a good one.”

Sort of like driving a new car and hoping it never gets a ding on it…

while you live in LA.

(insert eye-rolling here).

Speaking of driving: It reminds me of when I used to take my boys to school and I’d ask them, “Who’s going to have a great day??” And Seth would immediately raise his hand and say, “I will!”

And Caleb used to say that too, but when he was 10, started answering differently as he stared out the window and said wistfully, “We’ll see how it goes…”

I eventually learned why: because he was dealing with some challenging people, which we would later uncover were bullying him. 

Now that he’s 16 and lived and healed through that, he knows his own power differently. That, while the circumstances may be what they are, his perspective is what he has charge over. 

He learned to:

Focus on his strengths
Accept his differences
Represent his voice
Find his tribe.

It’s a big shift to come to terms with your inner power over external circumstances.

So, when my boys walk out the door and I ask them now, “Who’s going to have a great day?” They both say, “I am!” 

And when I ask, “Why?” Seth says, “Because I’m going to create that.” And Caleb says, “Because that’s what I want and what I’m committed to.”

Love those answers. 

Because it’s not about having no dings in your new car
or your new year, 

(because we don’t live life in a freaking bubble)

And it isn’t in the wish and the hope and the wringing of the hands with a desire for this year to be better than last year…


Whenever you see or hear the phrase “Happy New Year”

I want you to remember:

the power of “happy” 
is in you.
Stacey, Rock, Caleb, & Seth