Have you ever felt like life was one long trek uphill in the dark with the wind against your body, forcing you to retreat?

And have you ever felt those times when it’s like you’re going downhill in the sun, with ease and speed and the wind is at your back?

Sometimes life feels so hard and other times it feels like

It’s your time.

I guess what I’ve been learning throughout my life is this:

It’s always your time
Whether it feels like it or not

Maybe it’s your time to learn
Or to rest
Or to stop
And to grieve.

Maybe it’s your time to rise
And climb
And ascend past the trees.

And maybe it’s one of those blah times
That feel boring
And unsatisfying
And wasteful
And ick.

A time to be with people
A time to be alone
A time to feel lonely in the crowd
Or a time to feel peaceful by yourself…

It’s easy to keep our eye on comparing time
As better or worse
Based on how easy or hard they are
Or who we’re seeing fly past us
On the highway of life

But the truth is

Spirit is always with us
Love and purpose never leave us
Life is always on our behalf
And the unseen realm is cheering us on to thrive.

If we look at an acorn
Planted in the ground
Covered with dirt
And seemingly inert

It’s growing deep

Instead of high

So, who’s to judge
If it’s time?

Don’t judge yourself by the season
Or the way things appear

It’s never
“Not for you”

It’s always
“Your time.”