My theme at our Italian Retreat 2 weeks ago was “Self-Care”.

When you get inspired to create something, you get called to live it in your own life.


If you want to have any or all of those elements be part of your life, then you will need to walk IN what you want to live OUT.

As a result, Self-care has been a huge conversation for me this last year in preparation for this retreat and for my life.

Information and inspiration has come my way.

Poking and prodding and irritation have come my way


Once you set an intention in your life, you invite life to be a clear mirror reflection back to where that intention is being lived and where it is not.

So good.

So challenging.

So necessary.

Self-care isn’t about how many times you go to yoga or take Epsom salt baths or how frequently you rub lavender all over your body.

That can be part of it, but that’s not it.

Those are actions you take based on self-care but they are not the root of it.

Self-care is the inner belief, the intrinsic grasp of your value and worth, and the respect and honor that you have for you.

Self-care is an inner knowing

And it can be expressed in outer actions

But true self-care comes from the inside of your being.

I trust me.

I know me.

I accept me.

I love me.

We are going to be in a conversation about self-care over the coming weeks and I want to invite you into the room of this discussion so that we can do it together.

I have a lot to share and a lot to learn.
Let’s have a spiritual pot luck and bring ourselves to the table so we can feast together.

Join me in 21 Days of Self-Care beginning Thursday, November 7 as you choose ONE area of your life, health, happiness, or peace that is calling to you and we will walk together as you take your life to that new place in just a few weeks. This is possible. You are worthy. This is your time.

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