Sometimes, we fall through the cracks of our indecisiveness and then, don’t end up living a life that we love.

We flounder between the, “Well, I *could* do that” and “I *should* do that.”

Never really being clear about what we truly want.

We stay in relationships that are too toxic, for too long.
And jobs that don’t honor us, for too little pay.
And silent in situations where our voice could be heard and make a difference.

We live with undefined dreams
dissatisfied by a Life that’s not making us happy.

As if it’s Life’s job to make us happy.

But something really magical happens when we start finding our ‘Yes’ places.  Our places that make us feel good and happy. Those places inside of us that makes us feel alive and here for a purpose again.

When we start spending our time with the people in our life who encourage us and inspire us to live our highest selves.

When we spend our time focused on the possibilities in life
and not the problems.

When we start living  in the happiness of the dream we have
instead of burdened by the details of a dreamless state.

When we are clear about what’s a ‘Yes!’ for us — we are suddenly clear about how to spend our time.  As if we were soaring through the sky on an elite jet and someone called us and said, “Hey! Want to ride on my tandem bike with me?”

You’d have to say ‘No’ because you couldn’t possibly be soaring through the sky and riding on the ground at the same time.

Your ‘Yes’ is so clear, that your ‘No’ becomes self-evident.

Life becomes clear when you are defined about who you are
and what you want.

You can stop this waiting game — waiting for someone else to make you happy…
someone else giving you permission to have a dream
or to live your dream….

You can choose
right now
to start living your ‘Yes’ kind of life.

Because once you are clear about what your ‘Yes’s’ are in life

the ‘No’s’ will be self-evident.

What makes you happy?
What’s your dream?

Find the dream within
and Life will rise up to meet it.

If Life’s not rising up to meet your needs
it may be because your dream hasn’t risen within.

The wise master, Christ, asked people who were crippled and complaining about their state of being,
“Do you want to be healed?”

Because with that healing, comes living in a different way. And sometimes that seems scarier than the complaint we’re living within.

Let the Wisdom within you ask, “Do you want to have a dream?”

And allow your highest Self to speak on your behalf, “Yes!”

Say ‘Yes’ to life
by saying ‘Yes’ to you.

Love someone today
and let it be