What I’ve loved about homeschooling is being able to create moments with my kids, or support them in the moments they were inspired to create.

Whether it was a spontaneous song

Or card game

Or pizza making

Or garden planting

Or pulling every flipping pillow, blanket, and sheet out of the linen closet to build yet another fort that would take over my entire living room…


The thing is this:

I’ve gotten to be part of the fabric of their lives in such every day, magical and mundane kind of ways – and we have this bond together that is crazy strong and so full of love, laughter and shared experiences.

Did I want time alone?


Did I consider having wine at 10 am?


Did I occasionally tell them, “For the next hour you can call me, Stacey.” Because I thought my head was going to explode and confetti was going to come out of my ears if I heard, “MOM!” One more time?

Hell, yes.

But I now have children who have turned into young men who I am delighted to sit at the kitchen table or travel across the world with.

And they feel the same about me.

I know that there is not one great way to parent or one way to educate or one way to raise a child…

There are ways that feel peaceful and good and true to who you are.

There will be pain and sacrifice and “Calgon, you’re not strong enough, that’s why God made vodka” days and even seasons, no matter which path of child-raising you choose.

But at the end of my day,

When I rest my head on the pillow

And I count my blessing in the midst of my very imperfect humanity,

I am at peace and am grateful

For the way I have chosen to make moments with my kids.

Thanks to The Unschool Dad for posting the meme below which inspired me to reflect and write out my heart about it here.