The last two weeks, I’ve spent my morning meditations with Dr. Joe Dispenza. He’s a pretty good meditation partner to have and here’s why:

Joe’s story is remarkable: he got hit by an SUV while riding his bike in a triathlon in 1986 and then, foregoing surgery, opted to use his mind through visualization, to heal his broken back.

Makes you go, “Wow!” right? Joe’s experience, and subsequent work, has led to people all over the world being impacted and experiencing spontaneous remission or accelerated healing.

After listening to his story, several interviews, and his meditations, one of the quotes that stood out for me was this:

“I’m not going to let any thought slip by my awareness that I don’t want to experience.”

I’m going to let you pause right there and let that sink in… maybe just re-read it a second time.

How many times do we let defeating thoughts slip past the gate of our awareness and we end up feeling and experiencing all that icky, sticky negativity?

I’m not worthy.
Nobody loves me.
I’ll never get that job (car, boyfriend,opportunity…)

And on and on…

But what would life be like if we stopped entertaining those thoughts and started noticing them instead?

I can honestly say that I’ve been sort of an expert at letting some things get to me.

It’s not everything. Some things I’m really good at letting go of but, man-oh-man… there have been times when someone’s cutting words, or my own feelings of foolishness at something I’ve said just replay in my brain like a broken record.

What happens then?

My face puckers up into a frown
My shoulders hunch forward
And I start muttering to myself

Not unlike that bedraggled person  you’d see shuffling along the street when you tell yourself, “They’re not really in their right mind.”

Yeah. Guess what?

When I’m doing that, I’m not.

My right mind wouldn’t do that to me.
My loving, healthy, I-know-who-I-am mind would never talk to me that way.

So, the way that I can turn things around is to notice when the record is skipping and reposition my thoughts to what is true.

What if instead of my mind saying
I’m not worthy.

It instead said:
I have infinite worth, incredible value, gifts, talents, and purpose.

Instead of:
Nobody loves me.

It said:
I am made from Love, to love and be loved. I love me and I bless me.


Instead of:
I’ll never have that… (fill in the blank.)

It said:
Good things are available to me every day. I embrace goodness and welcome more of it into my life.

What an amazing experience my life would be!


I remember when Seth was 6 or 7. I was walking around, picking up the house and muttering under my breath while he sat there and watched me.

“What are you talking about, Momma?”

I shook my head and kept cleaning, “Oh, well, Seth… I was just giving myself a hard time because the place is a mess and I didn’t feed you guys enough veggies yesterday and I feel badly about it.”

I stopped cleaning and turned to him. I made a puppet shape with my hand, “So, this little voice in my head has been saying, ‘You should do this, you should do that…’ ”

I gestured to him in a way that asked, “Do you get it?”

He came up beside me and put his sweet little hand into a puppet gesture and opened and closed his hands deliberately next to my head and said, “Momma, you should be kinder to yourself.”

And that’s when I wanted to smother him with a scrillion kisses.

Precious friends, would you be willing to take this on — this exercise of self-care — by noticing your thoughts and not allowing them to pass through your system?

I’d love to know that we’re all working to turn things around so that we can truly enjoy who we are and have the life, health, happiness, and peace that we deeply long for…

I love you, friends. Here I am with my hand-puppet telling you,
“Be kinder to yourself.”


You are greatly loved and loving. Focus on that for a change and it will make a GREAT change.

Sending you big love,


Here’s Joe Dispenza sharing his amazing story and insights: