In this episode, I finish my prior interview with world traveling woman/worldschooling momma, Lainie Liberti. She’s taken the daring path of listening to her inner voice to leave the conventional way of raising a kiddo and traded that for taking her son around the world as a means of learning. There are a million good ways to parent and learn. You’ll love hearing this episode (part 2 of 2).  Find out more about Lainie and her wordschooling resources at her website:







Lainie Liberti

00:00: Opening

Preparing for Life via the Experience of Travel

What he’s really learned is how to problem solve – how to advocate for himself – teamwork – responsibility. Not because these were lessons that we created and said ‘here open up a workbook and figure this out’ it’s because those are the lessons of real life and they were in context. – Lainie

There’s arts, culture language learning. There’s geology, geography, agriculture. Astronomy. Everything is interwoven and tied into the experiences were having as we’re exploring new cultures. – Lainie

Context is what anchors the learning into a child. Let me be immersed in the experience and I will absorb it. -Stacey

What It’s like Being in Other Cultures (Hint: It Starts in the Home)

A lot of the fear based programming are not a part of our realities anymore.

The moment that we started to connect to people, loosen our grip, look people in the eye and smiling and connect, and even though we don’t speak the same language were both human. We both want the same things we both want happiness and health. That kind of understanding broke down those ideas, fear, the programming that was not my messages or words. I eventually felt that people everywhere were just like me. We had more in common than we had differences. – lAINIE

Personal Experiences and Stories of Human Kindness – Conversations with Syrian Refugee, a Jehovah’s Missionary, and an Ex Prisoner

When you have to bring healing to someone in your family that’s had a negative experience – to help them not to judge ALL by then ONE (and still validate the negativity of that experience and help them walk through) it confronts that thing inside us that goes wow – I had a negative experience and that’s caused me to label a whole certain group of people this way and now im confronted to examine that too as I help my son to examine that as well. – Stacey

Just because you had a negative experience – there’s an important moment to rest yourself and still be open to the goodness that’s possible in the next experience. – Stacey

The world is made of individual and we always must keep our eye on hat. People do good things and people do bad things – doesn’t mean that cultures are good or cultures are bad, doesn’t mean that people are good or people are bad – its the actions that were responding to. We need to keep this perspective straight and not so easily fall into racism, or anything else that is damaging to our humanity.  – Lainie

When we judge against a culture or whole people group we then close ourselves to the goodness that exists in the people from that place or culture. – Stacey

Fostering Independence with the Partnership Paradigm

We function on a basis on consensus. The first step of learning independence and experiencing independence is learning how to advocate for yourself. And underst that when you’re advocating for yourself there is a consideration of how that affects the whole community. – Lainie

Advice to the Person That Wants to Begin (Hint: It Starts in the Home)

It’s very easy to maintain the drudgery of your day to day life. I read a quote recently that really spoke to me: “Travel is the adventure that takes the taste of bitterness out of your soul.” I know that sometimes a good by product of a traveling experience is that it can bring about a healing and a joy and a revitalization of what you’re here to do and what’s truly important. – Stacey

Tapping the Humanitarian in Lainie – The Cult of Scarcity

We tend to live with this idea that there is not enough. That there is scarcity. That we have to work harder to get what’s ours because somebody next to us may take it. That is what drives us from not being present in our own lives.

The idea that there’s not enough creates more fear. It separates us from the needs and preferences. If we realize that we do have enough, that there IS enough, that what we have is just perfect for this moment, it’ll stop that cult of scarcity. It’ll stop us from being separated from one another. Separation is the problem. – Lainie

Probably the greatest illusion that we have in our society and humanity is that were separated, when were really together. Were really united by some divine and universal thread. – Stacey

The shift is becoming in service to others. That’s the remedy. – Lainie


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