Ciao Friends!

I’m in Ravello to celebrate my 50th on November 14th and I can’t begin to tell you the magic that is unfolding. I will tell the fuller story when I return.

In the meantime, here is something I wrote on the train from Florence to Naples on 11/11.

Enjoy the truth and goodness that is in here for you.


“It’s All a Blessing”

Whoever steps toward your life is a blessing.

Whoever steps away from your life is a blessing.

When someone treats you with honor and respect

And when someone does not –

They are both a blessing.

Because the blessing comes with information and clarity on who is for you and who is not.

And the blessing is what you will do with it – to work all of it for your good

Because you will be called to some sort of action:

To thank
To speak
To support
To pray
To forgive
To surrender
To hold on
To let go
To bless

Everyone who walks in and out of your life —
With or without honor

Is your opportunity to see and to know what you will do with what you see and you know.

Where is the blessing in that?

It’s the very thing of being divinely-human and humanly-divine that gets tapped in each one of us.

And if you will pause long enough to reflect on how you handled the last situation

You will have the power to choose how you will handle – and possibly elevate – the next one.

And you will realize that with every situation you’re in

You have the power to bring the love of heaven
Down here on earth

No matter how someone is acting
Or how you feel
Or if you’re being rewarded or punished by another.

Your actions are not dependent on the circumstances
They are dependent on you knowing who you are
In the face of the circumstances.

That is the blessing
Because when you realize your power to be the fullness and wholeness of who you are, then you realize you are the blessing

And that, my friend,
Changes you
Which changes the world

Which changes everything.

You are love.

You are the blessing.



Author of “An Unconventional Life: Where Messes and Magic Collide