So many women tell me their story:

Of how they were hurt, abused or neglected.  And how, when that happened, they didn’t feel safe in their own body

because they weren’t allowed to honor that inner voice that says,

“This is wrong. Stop.”

So, as a survival technique, they divorced themselves from their body and their intuition and climbed up into their head.  They lived in a world that felt safer —
more in control and less vulnerable.

That’s why I am an Integrated-Wellness Coach: Because many of us need to re-integrate or reconnect our body, mind and spirit to each other. That’s why I became a Certified Yoga Instructor and why I believe so much in this section of my Online Coaching Course: The Power of Listening.

  • To be able to return to all of your senses — including your intuition.
  • To be able to honor your body — by taking care of the signals it’s sending you.
  • And to be able to give a voice to your feelings — because you’re actually able to feel them again —

It’s all a huge part of healing.

Enjoy this clip from Section 4 of the course: The Power of Listening.


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