“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

The White Queen, Alice Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll

Hey friends!

You know what I’m doing this week… Thinking of you.

Thinking of what might be inspiring and encouraging… what could really reach in and serve you where you’re at right now.

Whether it’s food changes you need to make
Places you feel stuck
A dream you want to make come true.

I’m sharing these three great resources of interviews and articles so that you could enjoy a read while you’re in the loo (hey, everybody poops…) or to listen in on your morning walk or while you’re doing the dishes or on your way to work.

Here are three great reasons to be inspired and encouraged…



The first is about food — you know… how you get sassy and mad when someone suggests that maybe it’s time to give up gluten and dairy — and you act like they’re telling you to tear off your left arm and beat yourself over the head with it. This article that I wrote for Thyroid Refresh is going to share my story and my shift in a way that will make you smile and feel understood.

The second is a great interview with my dear friend, J.David Trotter. His work as a film director, author, and marketing strategist — along with his scrillion other gifts — have coalesced in his exciting new podcast “Launch Yourself” in which he interviews me about Risking it All and Heading to Italy. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our chat:

And this third one was a really special radio program with Filippo Voltaggio on The Life Changes Show where I was not only interviewed about my book “An Unconventional Life” but also my 16 year-old son, Caleb got to sing on his first live broadcast. I think you’re going to love the stories (like the one where I told my boys how to be a ninja in life) filled with wisdom and humor from this interview!

Sending you big love and a wonderful week. Let me know which of these spoke to you…