So, today is my birthday. November 14, 2014.

When I try to tell my boys my age, they say, “No, Mom — you’re 31.”10407234_10204880611001782_3459424869284858026_n

You know why? Because a few years ago I told them about Deepak Chopra’s research on people and age and they haven’t forgotten it. It goes like this:  When a person takes on the practice of not sharing their age and instead takes on the thought that they are up to 15 years younger than they are, then their physicality, labs, and mental acuity can perform like that younger age they are mentally living in.

Cool, right?

So, today, on the beginning of my 31st year, I am going to share some highlights and lessons of the year:

This Time Last Year:

This time last year, we had been in our new place for only a couple of months. The move was huge all summer, but I was strong and did it! As soon as we had settled in and the boys got situated back in school, I started writing my book “You’re Not Crazy and You’re Not Alone”.  It was a feverish writing spurt — 270 pages in about 3-4 weeks. Wow. The book wrote me.  In November we were working the credits, the cover and released it November 28.

Awesome sauce.10491238_10204527257688170_5704349667676255335_n

One month later, HeilBrice Marketing Agency and I released my Bloom Beautiful App for the iPhone. It’s so gorgeous and super inspiring. I’m so happy!

More Awesome Sauce.

And then, in January, my book one it’s first award, “The Diva Book Award” in the category for Inspiration.

Seriously. So grateful.

It’s been a year of being creative and being responsible with that creativity. My dear friend, Nigel Skeet, put my website together in anticipation of the book (thank you, Nige!) Follow-up interviews for the book, participating in the Hashimoto’s Institute Summit, and taking classes on how to live in this new world of raising a book in the world.

Mentors, and now friends: April Morris (I met April through the show Shark Tank) and Darlene Willman had a year-long class I participated in and my inspiring friend, Cynthia Occelli, a mentor to all women, did her Beautiful Life School.

I walked along side my good friend, David Trotter for a book he was working on, as well as his film on human trafficking, In Plain Sight.” It’s making an amazing difference in the world already.

I continued to feel the gratitude of this Hashimoto’s community: Thrilled to be on the Board of Directors for Hashimoto’s Awareness — an incredible non-profit that is going to be a central hub for inspiration and health — along with such trusted advisors like Datis, Kharazzian, Izabella Wentz, Mickey Trescott, Dana Trentini (Hypothyroid Mom) and Marc Ryan.

I can’t forget — starting our Facebook group: Girlfriends’ Guide to Hashimoto’s — a high-vibe (non-medical) empowerment group for women with Hashi’s that has such a great feel and group of women supporting and encouraging each other in a non-victim-y, non-bitchy kind of way.

My Gong

74 Days ago, I started a 100 Day Gong (you can read about it here).  It has been such a strong, centering thing for my life. I love my gong and I’m actually already excited and dreaming up the next one!

My Health

I would love to give a glowing report on my health.  I think a few things crashed and burned it this year:  The move last summer, the big output of the book (no small deal writing a book and putting it out there. Holy guacamole, Batman.) and the stress.

Oh the stress.  You know — when you’re growing, your husband’s growing and your kids are growing, life can get messy. And I don’t mean just the mess I’m staring at in my living room right now (which I REFUSE to clean because it’s my birthday). I mean, emotionally messy. Physical growing pains make muscles and joints hurt.  Internal growing pains stretch you and make your heart hurt.  I went through a lot of that this past year.  It was good and it was hard. I’m bearing a lot of the fruit of it now, but there was some soil that needed to be turned and it wasn’t easy.

Now, that I’ve mixed too many metaphors..

The biggest health things were the gasping at night and the reaction to thyroid meds. I’m still sorting out both. Both are better. Both are in progress and not yet settled.  They will be. I will keep you posted, stay tuned. Point is, they were a big part of my year — lots of doctors, lawyers and Indian Chiefs. Lots of money out, lots of time spent.

Solutions are at hand as I work with my amazing and brilliant friend, Dr. Izabella Wentz.10565156_10204733874053450_22790550120809165_n

I’ve loved starting yoga this year — it’s been five months now and man, I went from “No! Don’t make me do yoga! It’s boring!” to “OHMYGOD, I LOVEYOGA!!!”  it is so centering, strengthening and stabilizing.  Plus my posture is better, my body hurts less and my arms are looking great. Except, you know, for that swinging jungle gym flappy-part underneath.  That part is going to need something stronger than yoga.  Like duck tape or something.

What’s Coming Up for This Year:

I’m writing at least two books: One for Hashimoto’s and one about my spiritual journey– and if we could resurrect the two hard drives, that crashed in two days time (that’s a lot of 2’s)  I would actually be able to work on them.  I swear, I need a gift card the size of a house for the Apple Store this Christmas. Any one want to play the role of Santa Claus? Sheesh…

New branding and website.  I’m excited to be working on that. It should be up and running by the end of the year — yay!

Retreats, Conferences and Workshops! One in Arizona on Saturday, January 10th. And another that Mickey Trescott and I are kicking around for So Cal, end of January…and more, coming to your area if you’re interested in hosting one, please contact me! Northern Cal, Vegas, Arizona and New Mexico, especially…

More coaching clients and speaking events.  Empowering, encouraging, and inspiring others. I love, love, love people so much and having them walk away with a greater sense of who they are and feeling ready to live truer to their heart is one of the most amazing things. If you’d like to have a coaching session, please contact me: contact@staceyrobbins.com1000404_10201610016238957_935246887_n

I know I’m forgetting stuff. But it’s all good.  I’m looking forward to the year ahead of seeing my boys get bigger and hopefully, my ass get smaller.

Right Now

Right now, I’m sitting in my messy living room, with my tiara next to me because it was giving me a brain ache, waiting for my friend Irene to take me out for my birthday massage and lunch — yay! I am grateful. I’m not the weight I want to be and my face is poofy from the thyroid med changes, et al but I’m seriously so grateful.  I have amazing people around me, I have amazing spirit within me, and amazing love that comes to me and through me.

Grateful for Rock. For my boys, Caleb and Seth.  For my beautiful community of family and friends. And for the Spirit of God that’s flowing through it all.

Thanks for reading my year in review. For buying the book and the app — and for being part of a great movement in the world. I’m so glad we’re connected. You’ve changed my life with your presence in it.  Life wouldn’t be the same with out you.

Kinda feel like it’s all of our birthdays, today.  If my tiara were big enough, I’d put it on us all.

That’s okay, like the meme says:

you can wear yours
on the inside.