So, the other day I was mad at my husband.

I don’t remember what I was mad at him for now, but that day while I was doing Happy Baby pose on my yoga mat, it was pretty clear: I was definitely not a “Happy Baby” and it was pretty much all his fault.

This is part of why I love Brene Brown…because she goes through this too with her husband, Steve. We all know Steve through her eyes. He’s simply amazing, super supportive, and very, very wrong sometimes.

Which puts him in great company with my husband.

Someone should tell Brene that the four of us should go out sometime…I think we’d get along famously.


So, that day I was mad at my husband for some reason du jour and as I was curled up in a ball on my yoga mat, it hit me between the eyes:

“You’re not really mad at him. You have some energy — some heat in you — because you’ve been sick over the holidays, your clients are taking breaks so they can celebrate with their crazy families, and you haven’t been productive on marketing your Italian retreats…”

Boom shakalaka.

I got it.

See, I’m a pretty productive person and I hadn’t functioned in that for a few weeks which was making me stir crazy. So, it was kind of like having a squirrelly 8 year-old boy living inside of me who had been in the house too long on a rainy day. He started picking fights, kicking the ball in the living room, and making trouble to get his energy out.

Big ol’ hairy sigh…












Now that I knew what was behind the mad in me, I silently whispered an “I’m sorry” to my husband who would get the real apology later, and I got up from the mat and started making a list.

Then, I started doing it.

And guess who was suddenly happy with the whole world, including her (very patient, eye-rolling) hubby?


That would be yours truly.

Emotions: They’re more signposts than anything else sometimes. This one was calling me to use my gifts and tend to my dreams.

Grateful for the signpost of complaining and being frustrated that led me away from blaming someone else and back to taking action on behalf of myself since that’s where the real power is for me to make a difference in my life.

It always comes back to me.

Hello, me.

Welcome back.