I don’t know about you, but many of the clients I coach and people I meet
(and myself included)
have this weird condition.

It’s called ‘Waiting.’

We’re waiting for someone else to save us, rescue us, protect us and lead us.

We’re basically waiting for Superman.

Well, life has a funny way of getting you out of the modes that don’t serve you
and into the ones that do.

The last few months, I’ve been in an intricate process. A process of representing myself and someone I love. I’ve aimed to do it with grace and generosity toward the people on the other side of the table while, at the same time, expressing ‘what is so’ for us.

In the midst of it all, I had a meeting.
A big meeting.
A hairy, beary, scary
big meeting.

It was funny
because the night before the meeting, I had a revelation:

That I was ‘waiting.’

I was wondering who was going to speak on my behalf
be my advocate
and make sure we got what we needed.

That’s when it hit me:

The grown-up in the room was me.

Not that the others weren’t. But just that I wasn’t going to be able to really count on anyone else MORE than I was going to be able to count on me.

I was going to have to be my own Superman.

Once that hit me, I had some choices to make. Powerful choices: To live in my power to create, and co-create and to set the intentions of what I wanted

or not.

There was no more ‘waiting’ to be had.

It’s not that you can’t ask for help or welcome support. It’s that you finally realize that you can’t wait anymore for someone else to do what you are divinely empowered and designed to do.  You start owning your life instead of waiting for someone else to give you permission to live your life.

So, I did. I sat from 2 in the morning until 7 in the morning, writing feverishly what mattered most to me and kept my intentions clear: To self-express, to share, to be gracious, to do no harm, to create healing pathways and to bring what was in the darkness to the light of love.

It was amazing to hold that space within.
To stop waiting.
To start living.

Many of the people with whom I work or coach or walk through life in the area of Hashimoto’s or otherwise, seem to share that challenge.

That challenge of waiting and not living.
Of looking around for Superman the way that some people look down the street for the bus to arrive.

It’s a condition for many of us, of arrested development and of missing that all-important protective adult when we were a child — or while we were experiencing abuse at the hands of the ones who were designed to protect — our parent, priest, rabbi or coach.

When that happened — the abuse and the arrested development, we also learned that we weren’t allowed to represent ourselves.  That would have been seen as insubordinate to the abuse and the abuser.  We learned silence instead of self-advocacy.

We stayed in that place, waiting for someone to stand up for us and to turn that switch on within us to stand up for ourselves.  Two very important elements that were missing in our lives.

It’s like the familiar story of the baby elephant who is chained to a tree while young  as a method to train it to stay put — and then, when an adult elephant, it merely needs to have a thin rope to keep it tied to the tree because it won’t resist. It won’t break free. It won’t try to run. It was trained while it was young that it couldn’t. So while it became an adult, it wouldn’t — many of us experience that too.

We forget our Divine power. We forget we are stronger than the thin rope of the lie that was a heavy chain when we were younger.  And so, we wait, not recognizing how amazing and strong and able to be free we truly are.

Once we awaken to the truth — that we are the powerful…that we are the grown-up in the room…we are Superman, then we stop waiting for anyone else to appear from the sky.  We stop looking and we start living.

It’s an intoxicating place to be — to be at home in yourself and to know who you are. To know what you want. And to know that YOU are the one who can activate all that you desire into existence.

You are the co-creator with the Divine Universe. Once you recognize that it’s all there for you — and on your behalf — you start to use it for making the dreams in your life — and the life of your dreams come true.

The illusion is gone.  There’s no one to wait for. To save you. To rescue you or represent you.

It’s not a bird.
Or a plane.
Or Superman.

It’s you.

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