Every new revelation we have
doesn’t have to become a judgment of everyone else.

If we’ve found something that works for us
or is clear for us
or true for us

it doesn’t make everyone else

If you’ve found a faith that inspires your soul —
Or a way to eat that restores your health —
Or a new thought that frees your mind —
Or a new place that feels like home —

Live from that –
don’t judge from that.

There are many great ways to live
and not just one perfect one.

If you’ve found what works for you
then, celebrate the wisdom in your journey

and don’t make it a law for everyone else.

Inspire others, by humbly sharing your story —

Not so they can find your wisdom,
but so they can find theirs.

That’s what Love would do.

Because the revelation, if it frees you
is a beautiful expression of the Divine —

but if it locks you inside a cage of judgment
high on a shelf
where all you do is look down on people

there’s no love in that.

No matter what you say.

Stay focused on your own journey.
Share your story.
Release your judgment
By noticing it when it comes up.


Just love people.

Love people.

Just love,


– Stacey Robbins