If someone needs you to agree with them on every detail of their life in order for them to feel loved,

then, you’re not really in a relationship

you’re in a cult.

If you can’t feel or believe differently without being punished in return,

then, it’s not love.

Healthy people don’t get into cults
or cult-like relationships.

Be healthy.
Agree to disagree
and be with people who are healthy enough to embrace that.

Because if their love
requires your agreement
it’s not love they’re looking for —

it’s subordination.

And subordination isn’t love.

You haven’t been working this hard
for this long
to go back to that place.

Keep the ground you’ve gained
and keep moving forward.

peacefulLove is leading you.
It always will.
Listen to Love.

Love won’t lie to you
and it won’t ask you to lie to yourself.

Love someone today
and let it be