Hey Friends,

I’m leading a group through my second 100 Day Gong (which is a practice or set of practices you do for 100 Days to break habits, establish new ones and take your life and consciousness to the next level) and each day, I write some kind of focus for our group.

I wanted to share this one because it’s got a “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” kind of vibe of how one thing unfolds into another once you start investing in your daily practice —  and it really hit home for me about how life meets you at the point of your investment.

Enjoy and leave me a comment if  it resonates for you or if you want to be part of our next 100 Day Gong! We’d love to have you join us.


100-Day Gong — Day 41 — The Gong Restores Your Voice

When you choose to commit to a discipline and then, you complete it — day, after day, after day — you build self-confidence and self-trust.

When you build self-confidence and self-trust, the excuses of what you can’t do have now taken a back seat and what you truly desire starts coming up front.

‘What you want’ starts to drive your life instead of ‘what you’re afraid you can’t have’, driving your life.

When you get clear on what you want and you get clear on the fact that you can have it

and that you’re the one responsible for bringing it to pass,

you begin to find your voice again.

Because when we know that we can have what we want, we begin to state that in the world.

Gone are the fears that ‘life’ isn’t going to deem you worthy enough to respond to your wishes, because you have proven to yourself that YOU will respond to your wishes. So, you start putting it out there in the world because you’re not expecting the world to give you any more than you’re willing to give yourself.

Congratulations on building enough trust through your daily practice, to clarify what you want and to state it in the world.

If the universe was truly spoken into existence by the Divine, then you are tapping into your sacred power to create.

And that is something that will transform your entire world.

Happy Day 41 and all the rewards that come with that — because you’ve earned it.