The top 5 Reasons We Avoid Taking Them

As someone who went on a journey to find her healing in the midst of the hazy maze of Hashimoto’s 23 years ago, I know the value of finding the right remedies for our bodies.

But as a coach and someone who dives into the deeper pools of our reasoning, here’s what I also know:

That we could have the VERY BEST INFORMATION and still not take action.

That’s where my work comes in: Understanding why (when necessary — because honestly, it’s not always necessary to understand why…) and what to do about it.

As you know, I’m walking groups of Hashi women through my Girlfriends’ Guide to Hashimoto’s Online Course where we discuss the top 7 elements I believe are key to move our health and healing forward, and this week we are talking about Hashimoto’s and Supplements.

I have sat with hundreds of women and I have canvassed and communicated with tens of thousands of more from all over the globe and it’s striking how we can be such brilliant, educated, and heartfelt women and still get paralyzed when we face compliance to a health protocol.

The answer isn’t always more information or different information — as that is READILY available to all of us at a touch of the keyboard…

Sometimes, we are served by understanding WHY.

So, let’s take this moment to peek at the question of why we don’t take our supplements when we have good information and statistics of what is best for us and yields good results…

We’re weary to try again

Many of us have been around the mulberry bush about a scrillion and three times with Hashimoto’s. We’ve been to doctors in our vulnerable state of feeling awful and afraid and we’ve bought into the entire protocol that was presented to us. So, after spending a small fortune on visits and tests, more visits, and more tests, and more supplements with more visits and more tests, we just get tired of our kitchen counter and cupboards and hall cabinets looking like a pharmacy. It feels complicated and overwhelming and the minute someone mentions “supplements” we start getting a twitch in our left eye.

We’re afraid of them not working

With all those supplement protocols came promises. And we’ve tested the promises at times, taken the supplements and instead of feeling better or having the results that were promised, we felt worse or didn’t get the promised results. 

Sometimes it feels easier to stick with the problems we have than to rise up in hope to make an effort only to fall down again.

We’re afraid of them ACTUALLY working

Just like in business there’s a fear of failure AND a fear of success, we can actually struggle with the idea of having GOOD health.  I know it sounds crazy but think about it: When we say, “I’m sick” or “I’m not feeling well.” It becomes our voice for us… people back away to leave us alone instead of bothering us OR they step in to help and make a meal — and sometimes we even get the attention of extra sympathy or even money. Yup. There are a lot of ‘benefits’ you can get.

But it’s not just that: When we’re sick, we don’t have to live our dreams or face our fears of risking ourselves to reach for our goals. If we felt good, we would have no excuse anymore…and some of us struggle to know who we are. If we remove the excuse, we’d be exposed as being directionless or afraid… for some of us that feels worse than feeling sick.

We’re afraid of a reaction

I have coaching clients who cannot take certain supplements because they have a reaction. When that has happened enough times, it’s easy to stay back and find the safest place to be is to not risk trying again. Fear of having an upset stomach, a rash, or something else can certainly put a damper on our adventurous spirit and our zest for trying something new for our health!

We can’t afford them

There are times when things are so tight that taking care of the basics seems nearly impossible, let alone adding the ‘extras’ of supplements to our life, right? And sometimes we CAN afford the initial investment but when thinking ahead, we’re not sure how we’re going to maintain the upkeep and it feels daunting.

These are some of the real deal excuses. I get it! I’ve had them all live inside of me at one time or another!

I want to let you know TWO things to be aware of and then, share what some universal keys are to dealing with this.

BEWARE OF THE VICTIM: When we’ve had a hard childhood, past or set of circumstances and we haven’t healed, it’s very easy to get into victim mode. The victim within will say things like, “There’s no use in trying…” “No one supports me…” “It would be better if I weren’t here…” and other statements that affirm this one-down position. When we’re in that role, we always interplay with two other characters: The Perpetrator and The Hero. If you’re a Victim, you need to create that bad guy who you can blame, and then, you need that hero who can rescue you.

But guess what? If you don’t play the part of the victim, you don’t need the other two anymore. That’s good news!

BEWARE OF THE SABOTEUR: The Saboteur is real and alive in many of us. When we feel unworthy or undeserving of good things this part of us will step in to derail good efforts toward our success.

I remember one time I spilled an entire bottle of supplements on the floor with only two little pills left.

Or the time I forgot to bring them on a business trip.

Or did I tell you about how I went through all this trouble to fill a prescription of syringes, paid extra to have them shipped to a friends’ house,  went through the mess of trying to get them through international customs, only to leave a BRAND NEW SIX WEEK SUPPLY in a hotel in London?

We can get very creative when it comes to ways to intercept our health goals.

That’s why working on our beliefs is SO important. It’s a KEY ELEMENT IN OUR HEALING because if we can have a clean canvas of beliefs we can CREATE a wonderful picture of what our health and healing can look like without us making it harder for ourselves.

When we do that, we work with a health professional we can trust.
We partner in our healing with doing research.
We take our supplements consistently.

And we can do that when we say one of my favorite mantras that I gave to myself a few years ago:

“I am 100% responsible for my life, health, happiness, and peace!”

When we know we’re responsible, we are committed to our healing more than our fears.
And the remedy for fear is to take action.

When I didn’t have money for supplements but I was committed to getting them and taking them, either the money appeared, or I sold something, or I asked a friend to help me, or I put it on my credit card to pay off later… there are ALWAYS options when you make a commitment,
But when you don’t,
There’s always an excuse.

It’s time to start living your best life now. Are you ready?

I’m ready.

Let’s get healthy… together!


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