There is nothing that can transform us like revelation can.

When we were blind about ourselves and then we see.

The skies open
Angels appear
And they start to sing.

It’s a NEW day.

When something changes inside of us, we are able to live a completely different life outside of us.

I call that the ‘front door’ of change.


It can come by therapy, a dream, an instant understanding, a tragedy or loss or near miss.

But my clients and I have these conversations:

“If you don’t have revelation about yourself or a situation that you’re in… if you don’t have the changed perspective… then how can you get one?”

That is a great and POWERFUL question.

My back door approach to getting into the home of my soul and experiencing transformation is spiritual practice.

I define spiritual practice as: Any consistent ritual that gives you greater access to your highest, truest, freest, most loving, joyful, and peaceful self.

In my Catholic upbringing, praying the rosary, lighting a candle, going to confession, and saying the “Our Father” were common spiritual practices of my family.

When I started exploring what brought me access to my peace, I tried on many different practices — yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, pranayama, grounding, reading daily, and many more.

One of my happiest and most transformative practices I learned about in 2014 is called “The 100-Day Gong.” Dr. Pedram Shojai introduced it to me and I ran with it like crazy.

It’s where you take on a practice, and do it every day, for 100 days.

Changed. My Life.

I did yoga and a few other things every single day for 100 days straight and I found that it brought that Revelation to my being through my consistent action.

I got clear on SO much during my 100 days.

And so much changed:

The naggy, bitchy voice that lived in my head went away
My responses to stressful situations relaxed and softened.
My sleep patterns regulated..
My peace was more steady.
I gained quiet confidence
I lost weight.
I felt brave.

So, I continued on.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve completed ten, 100 Day Gongs.

Some 100 Days I wrote books.
Some I journaled.
Others I did a stillness practice.
Or an energy healing practice.
Or practiced Italian.
Or did meditation.

It’s been amazing. Not only for the revelation and clarity it’s brought to my life, but also because it is able to break old habits and build new ones.


According to the European Journal of Social Psychology by Phillippa Lally and colleagues from University College London, it takes an average of 66 days to build a new habit.

Some habits take longer and others less time.

Around the 90 day mark, we not only build new lifelong habits;
We can break old ones.

I love that part.

Because, then, it’s not all about getting on our zen and chilling out;
It’s also about ultimately, being free.

I’m really into freedom.

I remember one particular season in my life when I was feeling spiritually tormented and I wasn’t free.. I had inner questions that I wanted answered and I wanted to be at rest, but wasn’t sure how to find that place within me.

So, I drew upon my Catholic upbringing and that Lenten season did a 40-day practice: I sat each day for 30 minutes with my feet in a little spa thingy and read encouraging spiritual texts. I also took on a practice of memorizing one particular prose so that by the end of 40 days, it would become ingrained in me.

What happened during that time?

The torment lifted.
Peace was in its place.
And I felt


These kinds of time-focused, consistent action, spiritual practices not only gave me access to the greater greatness inside of me; I watched the groups I was leading through 30 day – 100 Day Gongs have their lives dramatically shifted, too!

New careers emerged
Happiness with self and others
Weight lost
Perspective gained
New relationships blossomed
Old relationships turned in a healthier direction
And it even affected my physical health.


Like with Hashimoto’s: I knew that I was in “Supplement Avoidance” — a fancy term that just means that I was staring at my unopened bottles of supplements on the counter, feeling overwhelmed and afraid.

My husband touched my back and told me two things:

“They don’t just jump into your mouth, Stacey…”


“They don’t work if you don’t take them.”

Gee, thanks, honey…

So, I committed myself to the do-able amount of taking 5 supplements for 100 days straight.

And you know what happened?

My energy changed.
My skin changed.
My sleep changed.
And my labs changed.


Almost like magic,
Except it wasn’t.

I was overwhelmed but i did something small and consistent, over time and it made a big difference.

Taking supplements became my spiritual practice.

The front door of change is revelation.
The back door is consistent action.

Either way, it brings us out of waiting, wishing, and wanting for our lives to be different and it puts us back into our power to make our life a better place.

Spiritual practice does that for me.

Right now, I’m being called deeply into a 2 practices… and I’m literally up in the wee-early hours (before I fly out to Italy tomorrow to lead my amazing Italian Self-Care Retreat) so that I can take those practices on.

I’m so freaking excited to jump in! Even though I know it inevitably goes through a drudgery and an “I don’t want to do this” phase (like anything in life does) I also know that the results are going to give me the gift of:

being more free
being more me.

And I’ve learned in 50 years of learning in many different ways, that the practices that bring more of that into my life
Are welcomed with open arms.

What revelation do you have in your life that you want to take action on…

Or what action do you want to take so that you can have revelation?

I’d love to hear and to walk through these seasons of transformation together!


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