Hey friends,

As you might know, I completed my first, and overly-ambitious 100-Day Gong on December 10th. It was really an amazing thing in my life….that took up to three hours a day. Plus, I had my work and family and ongoing health/healing journey.

was I thinking…

In the same way that an Italian mother asks at breakfast what you want for dinner — part way through my first 100-Day Gong, I began dreaming of my next one.  I was so excited. Which my kids thought was so weird.

Living an intentional life has an addictive quality to it.

I couldn’t WAIT to start my new Gong (a more reasonable one) and  set the start date for December 15th, which happened to fall on  Monday.

Before Christmas.

Now, that would be no big deal, except for the fact that I have a food element to this new Gong.

(Did I mention that I’m Italian?)

As in: Eating only whole foods 6 days a week.  Gluten-free and dairy free all the time (except for having butter on Day 7.)

(Did I mention that wine is not a ‘whole food?’)

So, yes, I can have wine and not whole foods on Day 7 (but I still stay GF and DF, except for butter.)

If this sounds complicated to you, just remember Jerry Seinfeld in his comedy routine saying something like:

We’re never so good at math as when we’re asleep and our alarm goes off, and suddenly we’re able to add 9 minutes of ‘snooze’ to any number.

Yeah. Well, that’s me, with food. I can make the complicated all work out when I need it to.
Having wine, every 7th day (champagne actually), is worth doing the food math.

Trust me.

Quickly, I’ll share the other pieces of my gong but I really want to address the food one because I think it’s making a pretty big difference that I can see already, even though it’s only Day 6.

The other elements to my Gong are also six days a week (on the 7th I rest, as an expression of trust and surrender that life will continue, even if I’m not on my hamster wheel.)

– 15 minutes a day of doing FLYLady (a cleaning and decluttering system)
– 30 minutes of working on my business (promoting my books, pursuing/responding to speaking engagements/writing blogs, etc…)
– 15 minutes of meditation.

Those are great and valuable and I’m SO glad I’m doing them. It feels good and right and all of these elements matter to me.

But like I said, I think the food thing is making the big difference.

To put only unprocessed foods (not that I ate a lot of processed foods before) into your system is like some kind of inner decluttering — it’s clearing away the mental and physical cobwebs of your internal health. But it’s also like putting really good compost in your garden — the dense nutrition is allowing for a lot of growth.

I’m noticing things like:

I’m more focused.
I have more inner strength.
I’m quieter — and saying less unnecessary things.
My skin looks tighter and younger on my face.
My fat hurts more on my legs (I think that’s a detox/inflammation thing)
And I’m tired more during some days while having more energy during others — I think it’s the healing process. My body feels when it needs rest and lets me have natural energy (not adrenaline-based energy) when it has it to give.

I don’t have a lot more to say about that right now, but I’m sure I will later on in the Gong.

I also have been walking through something challenging that has required great grace, focus, clarity, purpose, discernment and strength the last 3 weeks or so.  It’s not something I want to chat about, out of respect for other people in the process, and the process itself, but suffice it to say:

I think the last Gong,
and this Gong,
have supported me in being in more of my highest self when having to deal with some of these intense dynamics that I’m finding myself within.

So, that’s my little update so far.  I know it’s only Day 6 but doing a Gong is like having compound interest in your life — you invest in yourself, and you get the whole universe investing in you, too.

It’s a great reciprocity and as I’ve been saying:

I’m grateful for my Gong. It requires a lot of me, but it gives me way more than it requires.


If you’d like to join our 100-Day Gong group, and you are ALL-IN (no looky-loos allowed) please request to join.