People-pleasing is a very addictive ‘drug.’

The way to break the habit is to pause before automatically saying, “Sure! No, problem!”

and really thinking through the cost and benefits of what that “Yes” is, for your life and the life of those you love.

At the same time, it requires the deeper work: making the commitment to go on the journey to truly knowing yourself, loving yourself and learning how to say what you want and you need, in a way that is clear to the other person and honoring to you.

Once you learn to do those things, you will begin to connect with that inner voice and your inner wisdom.

Then, you will take the power out of someone else’s hands and be able to own your true power again.

Your peace will return.
Your confidence will soar.
Your life will not only be happier in the moment
but more satisfying in the long run.

I know it’s not easy —
it feels like one of the hardest things to do…

to speak up for yourself
and value what’s truly important
even in the face of someone else’s
or disappointment.

Take a big breath.

You can do this.
You were designed to.

Love someone today
and let it be

– Stacey Robbins