So, right now, I am falling asleep while I type.


Because I’ve had two nights of 4 hours of sleep in a row.
Seriously HUGE work days that defy gravity.
We launched this big ol’ amazing thing with Paleo Mom today.
Because instead of taking Seth to school, I took him to get an x-ray for a stress fracture in his foot.
Because I had a ginormously huge meeting which left me with a headache in my neck, stomach and jaw.

Anywho.  Here’s the thing:

I didn’t eat enough today, and I knew it. I just didn’t feel hungry and my arugula got slimy. That really grossed me out so, I got into my work and stayed there — never came out for a salad..Not a good thing for your adrenal glands which affect your blood sugar. Boo! Jumping back in tomorrow. I ate totally ON program today, just not ENOUGH food for yours truly.

Here’s an update:

Skin: Dealing with a few ‘outbreaks’ which I don’t usually have, but truly? No big deal. My skin looks tighter and younger already. Even on my hands!
Energy: It was pretty even during a super busy day.
Weight: I think I lost about 4 pounds by this morning. That felt good. I hope my scale isn’t broken.
Gasping: Rock said I gasped four times before sleep last night. Hmmm… better than most nights but still want to get down to zero. 🙂

I woke up and did a ton of meditation. It felt really good to center — even though it was 2:30 in the morning.

And forgive me for saying this but, hmmm…how do I put this delicately?  I ‘cleansed’ my body of many toxins today.  Like, a lot.

Wink, wink.

You get it. Right?

Okay, I’m literally writing stuff that sounds goofy and makes no sense (I erased something about pirate ships.  It’s interesting to dream on a keyboard. My fingers say the whackiest things while I look like a bobble-head, nodding off here at the keyboard.

Have an amazing and wonderful Day 3! I’m going to bed.