Okay, it’s 12:34 a.m. — again.  As in, again, I’m seeing those numbers in a row.

It’s been like that for months.


So, here’s what I’m doing and here’s why:

I’m doing no grains, no soy, no gluten, no dairy, no sugar and

(drum roll, please….)

NO WINE for 30 days.



Okay, true confessions?

I rarely drink. But it’s so much a part of my schtick you would think I woke up with a cocktail umbrella in my mouth every morning and went to bed with a bartender every night.

But I don’t.

I go months or years without wine — and then, I do the once a week or twice a week thing.

But not now.

Now, is 30 days on whole foods.

Like spinach.
Olive oil.
And, you know….


So, here’s my why:

I had an upsetting dream. And my dear friend, Lyndia, had two dreams with me in them — enough so that she reached out. She shared that she thought this gut cleanse/repair would be good for me. It resounded. So, here I am.

I want to journal the next 30 days so we can all see the difference it makes.

I mean, why not — I figured out at 5:30 tonight, while standing at my son’s class play, that I had been wearing my pants inside out

all day.

Like, after talking to no less than 15 parents at the school, and then, going on a long walk (passing several people) and then, to Sprouts (where we ran into a friend) and Staples (where we had to walk around an ask a lot of questions) and then, to the Butchery for hamburgers, and finally Trader Joes, where we ran into four people we knew and one whom we pretending not to know.

(Just being honest.)

Let’s track my symptoms:

1. I’ve been anxious lately and more sensitive to the elements around me.
2. My blood sugar tends to do the weird crash-y thing if I didn’t eat every 2 1/2 hours.
3. I had gained 7 pounds back when I had just lost 20 (I’ve lost 5 of those since last week but definitely need to lose even more than that.)
4. I’ve been dealing with a gasping issue at night before sleep. (SO rigorous!!!)
5. Energy Cuh-RASHES at 1 p.m. and I feel just about ready for a long winter’s nap.

I’m also going to be monitoring my skin since my neck seems to have forgotten that I’m all-Italian and not part-turkey.

I’ll post pictures of day 1 soon.

So far, I’ve noticed on day 1: Less hunger, more balance and more peace.

But I’m still feeling behind the 8 ball and have to find my groove.

I will do that. Right now? I’m taking me, my groove and I to bed.

SOOOO tired.

Sending love,