On my Magical, Healing Adventure three years ago in Italy.

This time in 2016 I was on QUITE a journey!

My boys had both gone through bullying at their private schools.
My husband’s division was sold and everyone lost their jobs.
Our landlord raised the rent by 30%
And Seth, my youngest, got injured in soccer and ended up in a wheelchair for a couple of months.

It was a shitty time.

My way of dealing with it was to create a Magical, Healing Adventure.

I dreamed of letting go of our town home, selling stuff, packing the rest in storage, and then, going on a cross-country Book Tour where I would lead workshops, meet readers of my books, and coach clients — while in between my boys would heal as we sashayed our way to one historical landmark after another.

Then, after doing those 9 events, we would buy one-way tickets to Europe and heal in Italy with copious amounts of gelato.

I loved that idea.
And I made it happen.
It was no small feat.

And you know, you’d think the hard part was going through the stuff that put us on the road.
Or the hard part was being in the car for 6 weeks across the US.
But the really hard part is what happened when we were in Italy…

Away from our comfort zone. Without friends or good wifi to distract us.

And while gelato and wine are pretty awesome, there’s not enough of those to dull the ache of the pain of what really needs to be healed when healing is needed.

So, those first 5 weeks in Florence were pretty awful. Lots of rain. On the inside and the outside.  It didn’t always felt so healing.  And sometimes it felt like I lost sight of my heart.

The 6th week it started to turn around.

And by the time we headed to the coast of Italy on the 7th week, this moment happened.

I’ll let you watch the video and see for yourself. I’ve never shared the video and have kept this particular moment private.

I will say this: It’s important to not judge yourself – or the rain – in the middle of the healing process.

It does things that you can’t imagine…

I’m happy to share this video with you so it can encourage you today.

Sending you big love,

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