In this episode, I get to introduce you to world traveling woman/worldschooling momma, Lainie Liberti. She’s taken the daring path of listening to her inner voice to leave the conventional way of raising a kiddo and traded that for taking her son around the world as a means of learning. There are a million good ways to parent and learn. You’ll love hearing this episode (part 1 of 2). Find out more about Lainie and her wordschooling resources at her website:




Show Notes: Worldschooling: The Unconventional Classroom (part 1 of 2)


Lainie Liberti


00:00: Opening


00:40 Story behind Our Magical Healing Adventure and meeting Lainie

I went through weeks of really intense  anger. And I felt like I can’t sustain this emotion. What am I going to do? And my brain was like you need to use this. You need to do what you’ve done with every other challenge in your life. You need to use it and make it work for you. – Stacey

7:00 – World Schoolers

8:30 – Introduction to Lainie Liberti, Co Founder of World Schooling

Lainie Liberti, a mom and recovering branding expert (whose 18 year career once focused on creating campaigns for green – eco businesses, nonprofits and conscious businesses) and her now 18-year-old son Miro Siegel, set out 8 years ago on what became a life changing journey. (That eventually became World Schooling)

10:05 – Bravery and Fear

“I don’t know if I actually consider myself a brave person. I  just consider myself as somebody who is capable and willing to listen to my intuition and inspiration at the same time.” -Lainie

The ability to say: Why do we have to do things this way, why do I have to live my life in this way? Became a habit that I lived. One of the things that I help empower people to find is the empowerment inside of themselves to have, not only freedom, but confidence to question things. – Lainie

In some ways it does require a certain bravery to listen to yourself in a culture that is trying to have you anesthetized to your inner inklings so you can keep the mill going, keep with the flow. – Stacey

17:00 On Criticism and finding the gift within

Instead of giving in to these sorts of criticisms I just listened and nodded my head and thanked everybody for their input. I let them know I would do my best to try and integrate their concerns into our travel and ask them if they could wish us well. Instead of battle, this seemed like the best approach. – Lainie

“A man with an experience is not at the mercy of a man with an argument”. – Leanord Ravenhill

It’s ok to love people and not be in a relationship with them. – Laine

24:00 A brief history of World Schooling

The vision that I had and the inspiration has grown. So I don’t feel like I’m out there alone anymore. I’m about there with 34000 of my best friends now. -Lainie

Risking Adventure is a high value of mine and a phrase I use all the time from a Philosopher named Edmund Friedman. He said that the mind can only conceive certain things. It can only imagine so far. Once you risk adventure then what happens is the brain opens up in ways that it couldn’t by only imagining. Then a whole other world of options and possibilities opens up to us. – Stacey

28:00 Challenges: Anticipated & Actual

“One of the things I had to really address was my addiction to being busy and my addiction to being productive. I realized underneath was the thought that I am worthless unless I am producing something of value. It’ ok to actually just be.” Lainie

The quiet became so loud that I was actually able to hear the crazy conversation in my head. I went on a journey to go on a practice of stillness, because I got called to rest. It was so provoking to my brain. It can hit our identity vs our role and how in society we so confuse those. We confuse who we are with what we do. Then when you go to an area where there is more space more quiet and more time, for me, it really provoked so many questions and it brought up so many voices that I think I couldn’t hear because i was in such a busy stream that the noise of my life drowned out the beliefs that were driving me. – Stacey

Presence is so important. Worldschooling and travel was my vehicle to find it. But it doesn’t have to be yours. – Lainie

It was the small moments that changes. The nuanced moments that we consider most special out of our journey together. – Lainie

36:30 Benefits: Expected & Actual

I had this belief that education was something only somebody else could give us. I believed I wasn’t qualified to educate my child.

Then I discovered unschooling

(Benefit) My shift in my relationship to the idea of education. I started to realize that what we were doing was learning, gaining more information, being engaged, being present, and learning that was education. And that worked for me. My whole world changed and the expectations lead us to new expectations. Those expectations opened up new avenues, new doors, and new ways of understanding, and new ways of being. That was the true gift. – Lainie


To Be Continued in Part 2 of the interview with Lainie Liberti…


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