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Stacey and Izabella Wentz

Dr. Izabella Wentz and Stacey

I’m so excited to tell you about an Amazing resource designed just for us!  My dear friend and colleague Dr. Izabella Wentz, who is a great thyroid advocate, practitioner, and who also wrote the forward to my book, You’re Not Crazy and You’re Not Alone, has compiled the best, healing and helpful information from 30 of the strongest advocates in our thyroid community into one amazing Thyroid Bundle.

I personally wrote an ebook just for this venture called, “Healing the Heart of Hashimoto’s. A 30 Day Journey of Health, Humor and Hope” as well as shared a delicious recipe for the recipe book and my Bloom Beautiful quotes – all to inspire you and empower you to live your happiest, healthiest life!

I wanted to share an excerpt from the Ebook to give you a feel of the what’s in it.  Enjoy!

Day 1:

Giving Up Gluten (Or How I Earned a Master’s Degree in Kicking and Screaming)

I’m Italian.
From New Jersey.
Garlic was my perfume and there was not one meal that I can think of that didn’t include at least one of these items:


A veritable gluten-lovers feast!

John PinetteLike the comedian, John Pinette said, “What has gluten in it? Only everything that tastes good and is worth living for.”

Pretty much sums it up.


But I couldn’t understand why I was exhausted, my stomach was bloated and after just a few bites of something delicious I had Everythingbeads of sweat over my lip and was asking for directions to the nearest restroom.

Gluten and I were in a bad relationship.

It was trying to break up with me but I wouldn’t let it go.

So, I tried eating it ‘a little’.  Like on my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Easter.

And maybe a few more places in between.

Like Thursdays.


The point is that the more distance I put between gluten and me, the more I could feel the contrast of feeling good when I didn’t eat it to feeling like absolute poop on a cracker when I did.

So, one day, after a l-o-n-g gluten-palooza holiday binge of feeling awful I put on my big-girl panties and said, “No more.”

That was a few years ago and I haven’t looked back.  I was finally able to end that abusive relationship where I loveitneeditwantit and it beats me up — and I was able to walk away, feeling proud of myself for loving me enough to say “No” to gluten and “Yes” to me.

My life has been happier and healthier ever since.

And before I turned into this balanced, zen, loving person about it,
I became a Gluten-Religious Zealot…

Day 2:

Giving Up Gluten Part Deux (How to Be More Gracious and Less Pain-in-the-Assive When Other People DON’T Give Up Gluten)

So now, you’ve climbed the Mount Everest of giving up gluten and you’re now the new evangelist zealot calling from the mountain top, “EVERYONE WITH HASHIMOTO’S NEEDS TO GIVE UP GLUTEN – R.I.G.H.T N.O.W!!!”

And you become Every. Single. Person’s WORST nightmare.

GF girlfriendIf someone’s toe hurts, you say, “It’s probably gluten.”
If someone’s got an earache, you say, “I know it’s gluten.”
If someone’s cat scratches them in the face, you say, “I think I saw you AND your cat eating gluten.”

And then, no one wants to be around you. Your phone stops ringing. People block you on Facebook. Crickets start chirping. Because they’re not where you are. And they’re not ready to be.

And let’s be honest, even though you’re there now, it took you 5 years to get there after you KNEW DAMN WELL you shouldn’t eat gluten.

You want everyone to jump right in and be where you are, even though it took you nearly forever to be there.

So, here’s my advice: Share your story of what worked for you and let people go on their journey to discover what works for them.

Whether it’s about eggs, soy, wheat, corn, potatoes, beans, peanuts, coffee or WHATEVER – share YOUR story while they’re living their story.

There’s a great quote: “A man with an experience is not at the mercy of a man with an argument.”

You don’t need to get into arguments with people — they’re going to slip down a different alleyway when they see you coming and hide in the pantry when they’re eating stuff you told them not to…

(to be continued…)

For the rest of Day 2, and all of my 30 days of “Healing the Heart of Hashimoto’s.  A 30 Day Journey of Health, Humor and Hope”, purchase the Thyroid Bundle for only $37 until 7/22.  After that it will be $99.

There’s not only quality Ebooks, but there are Guides, Recipes, Meal Plans, Video and Audio resources.   I know it sounds trite, but at this price, you don’t want to miss this offer.  😉

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