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The Thyroid Secret

What do these have in common with:

The MSG in you bowl of Pho
Or the ingredients in your toilet bowl cleaner
Or your shampoo
Or your paint on your walls
Or the lotion you put in your skin…

They all likely contain some kind of toxin.

And while many in the general public, with generally good health can tolerate these without a second thought

Someone with an autoimmune condition might not.

When I was a music specialist at a private school, I faithfully got my vaccine boosters and my flu shots — and had horrible reactions every time.

I didn’t know I had Hashimoto’s.

When I’d walk by the beach and a boat would start up, the exhaust would leave me, literally ‘exhausted’ immediately and for hours on end.

I didn’t know I had Hashimoto’s.

When I’d leave a massage where they used the standard lotion they used on everyone else but I felt like I wanted to throw up.

I didn’t know I had Hashimoto’s.

See, having this issue that affected every cell in my body, meant that my body didn’t react the same way to ‘toxins’

And while I believe that most of us were created with margins to handle this, many of us with a compromised immune or autoimmune system just can’t.

The Thyroid Secret

I just lived in a moldy apartment: I had brain fog, aches all over my body, exhaustion, lack of focus, frequent urination, and swelling in my hands and, pretty much all over.

When I left there, within the first FIVE days, I lost SEVEN pounds.

Removing myself from a toxic environment, reduced my inflammation and my body was able to function in a more healing way.

That’s why today’s episode on The Thyroid Secret is so important: Because if you’re doing everything by the book and you’re still not feeling well, it could be the reaction your body is having to the toxins around you.

Izabella and her expert interviews are going to cover this for you:

So that you can know what you need to know
So that you can change what you need to change
So that you can heal what you need to heal.

This 9-part docu-series is a gift.

Please enjoy the free viewing for 24 hours, starting at 3 p.m. EST. Here is my special link:

The Thyroid Secret

Sending you love as you take your next steps in your health.