So, I’ve been going through some health bumps for the last eight months due to the Hashimoto’s morphing, twisting and turning. I’ll tell more about it in the next few days, but suffice it to say:

It’s been so much fun.
(insert eye-rolling here)

As I’ve been seeking Wisdom from all my health professionals — everyone from traditional to ‘woo-woo’ — there have been some scary, leveling things coming back to me, leaving me with the question: “What do I do to regain my health?”

And there have been a lot of answers.

But regardless of what modality they practice, and all their varied advice they’ve been giving, EACH and EVERY professional has said the same thing:

“Do yoga.”

I’ve told some of my friends what’s been going on and every. single. one of them has said,

“Do yoga.”

My husband has been telling me for MONTHS,

“Do yoga.”

And, I’m pretty sure that Fred, my Fed Ex guy is going to come to my door tomorrow and tell me,

“Do yoga.”

Takes me a while,

but I get the hint.

So, I looked up yoga videos on youtube.

And then, immediately looked at my carpet and saw how dirty it was.
And got distracted.

And started spot-cleaning it.

Which is kind of like yoga.
But mostly not.
So, I stopped.
And for those of you who don’t know, I’m not your typical tall, blonde Newport Beach coordinated chick so, when I do yoga, it looks less like this:



And more like this:




But whatever….it’s apparently calling to me

and I have to answer.

I decided that it’s time for (another) one of those fun dramatic shifts in my life to see if I can make some big headway  in my health so, for the next 31 days I will also be doing:

No alcohol


No dairy

I already live a strict gluten-free life for the last few years.

I already eat a ton of organic, whole foods but am going to be more intentional about some of my greens, my remedies to support and cleanse my liver, and anything else that sounds healing.

like my yummy Biolumina smoothies

and dark chocolate.
and more sex.



(my husband always loves that remedy. It works for him, too.)


I’m not sure all of what’s going on, but it’s time to take the level of self-care to the next level.

So, I started on a Tuesday.
And not a Monday.

I started in the middle of the year.
And not the New Year.

I started without a lot of fanfare and big declarations.

Except, you know…
for this one.


Because I really want to not only invite you in

but invite you along.


Do you have something that’s calling to you, the way that my health and yoga is calling to me?
Is there something that’s been knocking on your door or your heart that’s saying, “Hey! Let me in!”

Or maybe even, “Let me OUT!”


Because, I want you to know this:

You’re here for an amazing purpose.
And so am I.

Our spirit is calling us to live in our highest, happiest and healthiest self.
Our purpose is calling for us to live forward, toward something that will satisfy us and bring goodness to others.
Our essence is calling for us to honor, respect and care for ourselves so that we can live integrated lives.
Our body is calling us to take care of the only physical vehicle we have to travel this human journey.
Our heart is calling us to love ourselves at a deeper level so that we can truly be free.

Our life is calling.




It’s time to answer it.



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