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In celebration of this great FREE online summit that the Hashimoto’s Institute is putting on this week, I am blogging about the lessons I’ve learned from Hashimoto’s. I loved being a presenter on Day 1 and this is such a rich treasure trove of information for those of us diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.

Here’s my special affiliate link to sign up.  It’s a free event, but if you choose to purchase the whole kit and kaboodle at the end, a portion of that gets sent our way to continue our healing work with others who have Hashimoto’s.


My motto, as you may already know by now is,

“Hashimoto’s is not my master, but it is my teacher.”

So, through this journey of the dis-ease, I am traveling down this all-important road of learning to love myself.

And what I learn, I can’t keep to myself — it feels like hoarding and stealing, all at the same time — so, I’m compelled to share so that you can be helped too!

Here we go:

Lesson #6: Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum, Even if Everyone Else Thinks You’re Just a Freak

I know. It’s not a poetic title but it’s a life-saver.

Let me give you a really fresh, hot-off-today’s-press living example:

This weekend, my dear friend, Irene and I, are at the super-inspiring Women’s Wellness Conference hosted by David Wolfe.  It’s chock-full of some of my fav presenters:  Donna Gates, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Sara Gottfriend — along with many more rock stars of natural health.

Now, I look at the schedule and it’s back-to-back sessions with meal breaks in between.  I get idealistic when I see the line-up a week ahead of time.  I get realistic after a shitty night of sleep the night before the three-day event.

I wake up and go, “Okay, the real deal is that I have to listen to my whole body.  That means I can’t go to every single thing and be gone from my house all day.”


My mind wrestles with the expectations that tempt me:

– To feel like I’m not being a good friend because Irene is having to sit through sessions alone, when we planned this together.
– To feel like I’m not being responsible with the money I spent on the ticket.
– To feel like I’m not maximizing the benefit of all this great knowledge right in front of me.

Those temptations to feel icky don’t help me heal. And yet, they’re real and inside of me.


I have to step back and remind myself that this is my life, my situation, my responsibility — not to make decisions under the pressures of my self-expectation, but to make choices based on Wisdom and what is best for my life.

Because the truth is, Irene will understand and cares about me.  She’s a big girl and knows how to sit alone in a conference.

The money will be well spent if I honor my body while I’m at a conference to learn about my health. Because if I didn’t? And I burned myself out to do more than I really can? It’s going to cost me more money to repair than it will be to miss some speakers.

And I can still make the most of whom I do hear by implementing even just ONE wisdom that I hear from each speaker.  Just doing ONE practice for 30-60 days — or even making it a practice of a year, can alter the trajectory of my health over my lifetime.


Sometimes, I need to talk myself off the ledge of expectation and back to the solid ground of Self-Love.

Because this isn’t the only place I have to make wise choices.

I have to do it with every phone call I’m on.
With each food that I eat.
With the programs I watch.
And what I sign up to volunteer at my kids’ school.

As much as I want to do it all, my body will remind me that I cannot do it all.  And the strength of the reminder will be directly related to my disconnect and disrespect of myself.

This is an individual journey, this healing thing.  And sometimes we have to be willing to risk being misjudged and misunderstood in order to be self-honoring.

So, there you go.  I don’t know what you’re facing but this isn’t a one-size-fits-all dis-ease.  Some people can eat kale and broccoli. Others can’t.  Some people can use iodine and find great relief. Others can’t.  Some can drink wine and travel with ease. Others can’t.

Some can sit at a conference all day. Others can’t.

You can’t compare yourself to the others.
Or your past abilities.
Or anyones expectations.

Even your own.

You have to listen.
And I mean really listen
to the inner wisdom of your soul
because it’s going to speak to you about what you need.

And that means you’re going to have to be connected to a body that maybe you’re more used to being resentful of — or you’re used to bullying into things, and forcing into submission.

Maybe that’s part of your healing journey — like it is mine — to truly love the whole of me and not just the high-performance parts of me.

We all have our rhythm that we need to listen to —

today you have to choose:

You can criticize the song,

or you can dance.

As the great country song says,

“I hope you dance.”



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