Hi Friends,

Welcome to my Series I’m doing “Lessons I’ve Learned from Hashimoto’s” and I’m focusing on my little infamous phrase,

“Hashimoto’s is not my master, but it is my teacher.”

As I look at what I have learned (and still learn) through this diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

It’s part of my way of contributing to this wonderful Hashimoto’s Institute FREE Online Summit.  I am honored to be a presenter along with 27 other colleagues and experts in this field, bringing more vibrant health to our community.

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The heading today is the well-known tongue twister and it’s because it’s part of the

Lesson #5:  

You’re Unique: You can have the same diagnosis, but it doesn’t mean it’s the same experience.

Makes me sigh.

You know why?

Because if I had a freakin’ dollar for every time, in the past 17 years, someone said to me, “Oh my friend/family member/girlfriend has low thyroid, and all she does is take a pill, or eat this food or drink this shake or do this exercise —  and she’s fine!” I would be able to send them all on a one-way trip to Siberia.

With swim suits.

Because, since then, I’ve talked to hundreds and thousands of women and I will tell you — no one else I know is ‘just taking a pill and is fine’ without having done a lot of detoxing, cleansing, and healing work to get to that point.

AND beside that, people I meet have similar symptoms, yes — but in many ways, they’re having unique spins on things and have different pathways to get to where they need to be in their health.

Each Season is Its Own Unique Thing

I’m going through that right now.

Oh my lord.  I can’t even tell you.  It’s like a circus in my body lately.

Am I having the stomach aches like I used to and so many others have? No. Because I took out gluten and offending foods to my stomach.

Am I having restless legs like I did and so many do? Nope.  Not that anymore.

Am I have horrible pms, depression, myalgias and is my skin bleeding like it used to?  Nope. Apparently those things are done. For now.

It’s a different season. And different weird things are popping up.

Like tight ankles. And gasping before bed.  And a feeling of choking at meals. And weird acid in my stomach that never feels like heartburn but tastes painfully sour every morning.

It’s this unique time.

Where I had a lull in visits to doctors office visits for a while, we’re back to a lot of them. And a lot of money going that direction.

This is not a dis-ease you can measure by anyone else’s journey — or even your own past journey.  This is your own thing.  Unique blessings, unique lessons, unique burdens and unravellings and examinations.

I wish it would be a cookie-cutter thing so we could all just eat bone broth and methylate properly and it would be a one-size fits all approach, but it’s not.

I would also like to lose 50 lbs by tomorrow at noon.
And have the ghost of Ed McMahon show up and give me a real Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes check.

But that’s not going to happen either.

And that’s what I have still had to process over the last 20 years —  that it’s a process.
 That this is my journey.  Yours is yours.

We can’t judge anyone else — and that is what hit me early on.  If you’re not ready to give up gluten and I am, I have to listen to me.  And I can’t hit you over the head for not doing it sooner you know why? Because it took me like three freakin’ years once I KNEW better to DO better.

I had to be near death in a bathroom after a huge bowl of fettuccine alfredo because “I just had to have it”. And then,  eventually, I got tired of pleasurable foods poisoning me.

– It was my own unique journey to stop staring at my supplements on the counter and start actually taking them.

– It was my unique journey to value going to bed on time and honoring my rest.

– It was my unique journey to be aware of EMF’s to the point of turning all but two breakers off in my house when I figured out I was reacting to the electricity.

– It’s my unique journey of learning to let go of control and to trust that “All is well” and that includes the ENT who was in a half-coma this week when I needed him to be present and helpful.

– It’s my unique journey to take my responsibility for my health and to allow goodness into my life.

And that’s what I want you to know too…

Don’t compare yourself, or judge yourself.  Get your eyes focused within.  What do YOU need? What is good for YOUR body?  What is going to bring YOU to your happiest and healthiest life?

Because, here’s the thing — once you let go of the voices of judgment you have about yourself and the other people around you, you’re going to begin to hear the loving voice of Wisdom on what it is you’re supposed to do for you.

For the unique, wonderful, kinda kooky, and okay, sometimes a little bitchy and crazy


As I write often in one of my upcoming books,

“Love someone today
and let it be

Try that on for size.  Because no matter how unique we are,
one thing
we could all use
Is a little more



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