If you’re faithful to your diet five days a week but binge for two…

If you’re faithful to your spouse every day but Friday…

If you’re faithful to save your money all week, but spend it all on Sunday…

If you’re faithful to get to your job on-time, every other day…

Then, you will end up with this:

All of the pain
and none of the reward.



Because trust is built, not through perfection,
but through consistency.

And if the only consistency you have
is in being inconsistent
then you will never build the trust you hope for.



Because you only build the trust you work for.

Let yourself win at the game of being trusted by others

by winning the game of being trustworthy with yourself.

State your word.
Keep your word.
Be your word.

Even, if it’s only to you.

It’s a value issue.  Trust is valuable.
You are valuable.

A lot of times when we don’t value trust,
it’s because we don’t value us.

Do you know your value?

You’re worth someone keeping promises to.
You’re worth being the promise keeper.

You’re worth living a life that’s trustworthy
and trust-filled.



You’re allowed to be safe inside your own world
of you.

And when you are — you will reap benefits
with compound interest
in your life.

Bring trust to the world
By being trustworthy in you.

Love someone today
and let it be