When you try to control someone so that you can feel safe and loved,

you aren’t safe
and you aren’t being loved.

Because to control someone is to take charge of your life AND theirs. That’s not your place. It’s not your responsibility. And it’s too big a burden for one person to handle the integrity of two people.

You’re trading true safety — which comes from trusting someone who is trustworthy,
for the illusion of safety — which comes from controlling someone because you don’t trust.

Control is a limited agreement.
A fleeting moment.
A time-bomb.
Something that is going to run its course for only as long as you have the energy and strength to do it.

Controlling someone takes a LOT of energy.
And you will run out.

And that will be a gift to you,
to get to the end of your rope
and face the fact that either:

You don’t trust because you have issues —
you have someone in your life who isn’t trustworthy —

and you have issues.

Because either scenario means you’ve got something to work on.

To not trust — means you need to heal.
And to be with someone not trustworthy — means you need to heal.

The journey isn’t about controlling.

It’s about healing.

It’s time to get clear that you don’t feel safe.
And you don’t trust.
Because when you are honest about it,
the controlling bits start to go away,
and the healing starts to come in.

Be honest with yourself about where you are
and let the Divine in you, lead you beside healing waters
where you can rest in the trust of Great Love.

You are here to heal.
And that is a very loving journey to be on
when you’re surrendered
and not controlling.

This is the beginning of your new life
to feel safe
and truly loved.

Love someone today
and let it be

— Stacey Robbins