Wow, Girlfriends…

What an incredible 24 hours here in Italy.

Rock is finishing his book,“The Guys’ Guide to Hashimoto’s”

Caleb’s recovering from the flu

Seth and I are closing up the Airbnb we’ve been renting by the sea as we prepare to return to the states…


and you have been sending me the most amazing e-mails:

Here’s just a taste of what came in…

“I just finished watching your talk on the Healing Hashimoto’s Summit and I just wanted to say thank you! I connected with a lot of what you said and I think you have captured an incredibly important aspect of healing and conversely the causes of diseases like Hashi’s and I suspect other auto-immune diseases…”

“I’m listening to your talk on the Hashi Summit page. You are now telling your story and it’s so similar to mine…”

“I just watched you on the hashimoto’s summit and FINALLY everything makes sense. Thank you….you have given me a wonderful gift!”

“I’ve just watched your interview on the Healing Hashimotos summit.  I found it very inspiring and helpful, thank you for sharing your wisdom.  I could relate so much to what you were talking about…”
I very much relate to your story and the chain of stress events that led to Hashimoto’s and the emotional background — you are a true ‘wounded healer’ — very effective and worthy…much love to you. ”

“It was really, really great I only wish my partner would listen to it he then may understand…”

Girlfriends, that was only a portion of what I woke up to in my inbox — such a beautiful thing to know that the hard time you went through is meeting others and bringing some comfort and relief.

Feeling alone is such a huge part of the suffering we go through when we deal with a health issue.  Telling our story and shortcutting others lessens their suffering and pain.

There’s community in that.
There’s healing in that.
There’s love in that.

In those e-mails there were many requesting information for one-on-one coaching as well as wanting information on my Girlfriends’ Guide to Hashimoto’s 30 Day Online Coaching Course.

I want to offer those below. AND I want to let you know about my husband’s new guide for your partners: “The Guys’ Guide to Hashimoto’s.”

We have great resources for you and to support you in your healing and healthy relationships.

Here we go:

Stacey's headshot with white jacketOne-on-one coaching: A powerful time to focus on what matters most to you. You’ll feel empowered by seeing your best self and experience shortcuts to get you where you want to be.


Banner for Nectar Slider 3GG2H 30-Day Online Coaching Course: The most important topics to assist you in moving your healing forward by playing and winning the mind game.  Weekly videos, coaching sheets to dive deeper and daily encouragement e-mails — straight to your inbox while you’re still in your pjs.

Our Books 


You’re Not Crazy and You’re Not Alone: My award-winning book is a must-have for the girlfriend with Hashimoto’s:  You’re Not Crazy and You’re Not Alone: Losing the Victim, Finding Your Sense of Humor and Learning to Love Yourself through Hashimoto’s.


Guys’ Guide to Hashimoto’s: Do you have a guy you love, who’s not getting it and making you a little (okay, maybe a lot) crazy??  Grab Rock’s e-book delivered straight to your inbox on Sunday, June 19th, Father’s Day. There is a special price by June 19th and it comes with some special games and prizes.

Thank you all for checking in.  You can still purchase the Healing Hashimoto’s Summit so that you can listen to all the great talks (including my own) and let them live in you and help you heal going forward.

I’m excited to be with you and looking forward to the journey we are all on. Remember, Hashimoto’s doesn’t have to be the end of your health, it can be the beginning of your healing.

Sending love,