I know that many women with autoimmune dis-eases like Hashimoto’s and others, can be greatly affected by depression. Fatigue, brain fog, myalgias, food reactions, and other draining symptoms can really get you down.

The neurotransmitters — lack of dopamine and imbalances in epinephrine, norepinephrine, and serotonin…can all throw us down into the brain chemistry dumps.


Making conscious choices in the face of downward-spiraling feelings can feel not only hard, but it can feel like we’re not honoring ourselves.

Shouldn’t we just ‘go with our feelings?’ Isn’t that what we were taught from the 1960’s on, ever since the generations prior to the 60’s seemed to be driven by sheer hardship and responsibility?

Should we ignore our feelings and disconnect? Just pull up our bootstraps and carry on?


(Wouldn’t we if we could? Isn’t that the issue… that we just can’t seem to do that right now?)

Or should we interrupt our feelings with different thoughts and actions to see if we can chart a new course.

We want to be happy.

  • How much of happiness is from our choice and how much is from our circumstances?
  • How much do we have power over and how much has power over us?

These are questions that are common.  And you know what? Honestly, depending on what source you read or look at, you can find answers just as varied as the “Hot Dogs Cause Cancer” to “Hot Dogs CURE Cancer.”

Or eggs.  Oh dear lord, do you remember the whole “Eggs Raise Your Cholesterol — Don’t Eat Them!”
“EAT MORE EGGS! They’re GOOD for Your Cholesterol!”


Whom do we believe?

It makes it so you never want to ask the question because you never really know the answer…
or if you can trust it.

That’s frustrating.

Well, you know what? I’m staying in my curious place.  I trust that Wisdom and Love are going to lead me to what I need to hear, when I need to hear it.

Today, I’m folding clothes before I start coaching my clients this afternoon, and I’m watching this movie on Hulu.com.

It’s called “Happy.”



Because, until I have my dream job of traveling around to all the different resort spas in the world to review their different massages and treatments


my desire is to live the happiest, healthiest life that I can —


and to inspire women to live their happiest, healthiest life, too.

If you’re asking questions about which comes first in happiness: The feelings or the actions? and want to explore more, check out this uplifting movie “Happy.”


You don’t need to agree with all of it
to get something good out of it.

It might be just the information, perspective and shift that you were looking for today.

Have a beautifully groovy

happy-filled day.

Sending you love,