So, yes — In the middle of my 100 Day Gong (a Taoist practice of disciplines), I embarked on a 30 Day Whole Food experience.

I did it during Mercury in Retrograde where my world, effectively turned upside down.

Good times.

My hard drive crashed on my laptop (it had crashed 7 months ago, during Mercury in Retrograde, ironically enough) and I was left without knowing what to do with myself and was relegated to learning how to actually use my iPhone 6.

In that time, we went through challenging stuff at my son’s school,  while my youngest fractured his growth plate in his foot and, my husband and I began the launch together of my business since his division was sold and everyone was let go.

Did I mention,

“Good times?”

That’s not all but that gives you a picture of some of the mad, mad world we’ve been living in.

It’s so easy to launch a business, build a website, answer important e-mails and research an injury when your computer has lost its mind.

Or you know,


So, that’s why I blogged until Day 4 of the experiment and then, didn’t blog anymore. Thanks for understanding.

I did want to give you an update on what went on, now that I’m crossing the finish line and my hard drive is restored…

First of all, whole foods for 30 days meant no grains, dairy, soy, coffee, sugar or wine.

Just. Shoot. Me.

No, really. I was fine. And I was surprised by what I missed and what I didn’t.

I didn’t miss sugar.
That didn’t really surprise me. I have a treat once a week, normally, so giving it up wasn’t that hard.

I kinda missed wine.
Which may surprise you, because you hear me talk about wine. A lot.  I don’t drink wine a lot, but I talk about it a lot. I have it at max 1-2 times a week but many weeks not at all. It’s my schtick.  But the thing I missed about wine was the element of “Shit, I just want to relax and make dinner while sipping on a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.” But that didn’t happen. So, basically, I didn’t cook.


I really missed coffee.
Which TOTALLY surprised me. Because honestly, I don’t drink it that often.  I have half a cup, maybe a couple of times a week. I didn’t realize what a treat I perceived it to be and I really missed the comfort of even that little bit.

I survived, though. Without a drop.

True Confessions….

So, around Day 7, I was getting weird without any rice. That’s the main grain I eat since I’m gluten-free and my body was freaking out without it. I’ve tried this before and didn’t do well without a little grain. Not detoxing just freaking out.  See, rice is an anticortisol food. It relaxes you and I was not getting that and I was spinning out.  So, I added a little rice back in.

I also used gluten-free soy sauce a few times, like at my son’s 13th birthday dinner at Benihana’s.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t risked eternity because of that. But that’s what I did.

The Benefits…

I look younger. My skin coloration even, my eyes clearer.

I lost about 7 pounds (which would have been more had I done completely grain free but I chose sanity over svelteness and we all lived to tell about it.)

That puts my total weight loss at 85 pounds since I’ve had Hashimoto’s.

Less mucin (that thick layer under the skin where swelling/toxicity lives.)

Awakening Libido.  ‘Nuff said.  Just ask Rock.

Greater clarity in coaching my clients and in processing the weird parts of  life.

And I had a lot of weird parts.

The “Meh” Bits…

My sleep has sucked for 3 of the last 4 weeks. The gasping issue I have dealt with has been worse for two weeks.  I’m exhausted sometimes but I’m sure it would be WAY WORSE if my eating hadn’t been so clean.

Feeling bored with food. Remember: I didn’t want to cook so, it turned into a lot of tuna fish, salmon, roasted chicken, green drinks, and Biolumina Smoothies.

What I Wish…

I wish I had done the full-on gut-healing protocol to go with it but I didn’t. I took more probiotics, yes. But I wish I had devoted myself to not only removing foods but healing my gut.  That’s coming soon to a theater near you.

Moving Forward…

First of all, I’m glad I’m still in my 100 Day Gong and the disciplines of meditation, exercise and supplements. That supported me in this 30 Day adventure.

Second of all, I’m going to basically maintain this way of eating since it’s so close to how I normally eat.


Third of all, tomorrow I may have a splash of coffee and trust me, within the next few days, I’m having a glass or two of wine.

And who knows,

maybe I’ll even start cooking again.


Thanks for following! Sorry for the broken laptop. Grateful for the 30 days.

I’m glad I did it. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again (are you humming the Captain and Tenille right now, too?) because my healing is my journey and a healthy, happy life is the game I’m playing to win.

Send me some good sleep/no gasping vibes, would you?