You think I’m kidding, but I’m not.

I’ve had this awareness and personal experience for a long time that food — the choosing of it, discipline of it and eating of it — can be an access point for ascension.

Or not.

When I eat live, whole foods, I feel like I settle in differently to my soul — and soul purpose — and that I’m really able to listen to what I need to do, better. It’s like the channels are clearer for me to hear.

Being an intuitive and empath-type person, I value that.

So, today, what happened…

I got a lot of clarity on something I was having a hard time defining for my business. We’re in this process of building a new website and I was just torn about how to present me.  You know, when you’re a creative,  you’ve got so many areas you’re passionate about so, you gotta walk that fine line between “Renaissance Woman” and “Schizophrenic.”

I meditated about it before bed. I did the same when I woke up and did a breathing meditation.

During the day, this message came to me twice: “Trust the Process” and this clarity about my business came through the voice of respected friends and resonated within.

I am so grateful and everything inside of me sorta ‘sighed.’


Onto the practicals…

We’re measuring sleep, skin, gasping, peace/anxiety, weight and what else…I can’t remember.

It’s probably memory.

Here we go:

Sleep: I only got four hours of sleep but still had consistent energy. I got a lot of work done with a clear head today.

Skin: On my second day in, it already looks tighter and younger. So wild.

Gasping: (This awful thing I do before bed that goes through phases of existing and not existing, worsening and lessening.)  Last night, Rock said I gasped one big one and one small one. And that I was talking in my beginning phases of sleep.  (That was a better night than most when the gasping can last for hours.)

Peace: I felt mostly really peaceful and centered and experienced light anxiety twice so far today.  I processed it by taking a walk and then, another time, by eating. I think I had gone too long without food and it was making me feel wonky.

Weight: I was the same weight as yesterday. I think that might be because I had some quinoa and a yummy basic marinara sauce. It’s within the bounds of my protocol and it just sounded good to me, but I know that tomatoes and I tend to have some tension — as in, inflammation.

How come my body doesn’t understand that it’s Italian??? That it was raised to eat bread, pasta, wine and tomatoes….It’s like it’s having an identity crisis.

But it’s probably just me…

You know,
a part of me
having the identity crisis.

Everything’s connected on one level or another…



Okay, one more thing:

I noticed that I was spinning out about my schedule lately and a to-do list that just. won’t. quit.

I said to Rock yesterday, “I’m not driving this crazy train all the way to my goals.  I’m going to trust Spirit to get me there and that we’ll get done everything we need to — in time and with peace.”

Sounded good to him, because riding the crazy train can sometimes mean that I get a little cranky.

Or a lot cranky.

And that’s not so much fun for The Man of My Dreams.

Anywho…so, that’s it for now. Thanks for joining me on the journey. Let me know if you’re jumping in, too! According to my friend, Linda Masterson (Soul Astrologist) this time when Mercury is in Retrograde (from May 18- June 11) is a SUPER GREAT time to be doing self-care, breathing, and gut-healing.

Think about it and let me know if you’re in. No pressure.  Just an invitation. Just love.

Sending you love and sloppy, wet kisses,


Have you read my book, “You’re Not Crazy and You’re Not Alone”? You will laugh and relate and feel really understood. I highly recommend. 🙂