You are powerful.

Superdee dooper powerful.



You, who maybe aren’t feeling so powerful right now.

You, with a sinkful of dirty dishes that looks like a Jenga game…
You, with the extra poundage on your hips and butt that seem to never go away…
You, with the kids going sideways and your heart that’s aching…
You, with the health issue that feels unmanageable…
You, with the finances that are barely there and leaving you insecure…

Yup. YOU. You are powerful.

I know. It’s hard to see it in the circumstances when the circumstances aren’t reflecting our Dream Come True life.

So, how do we get from where we are to where we want to be?

Great question. I’m glad you asked…

Remember a few weeks ago we were talking about the importance of Vision and Inspiration but I said that there was another super important element we needed to get us toward our dream?

Well, today we’re going to talk about it…

And that “it” is Intention.

I had shared with you and wrote about in my book “An Unconventional Life: Where Messes and Magic Collide” about my desire to take my family to Italy to heal. I saw it in my mind — walking down the streets of Florence with Seth — him smiling and us eating gelato. I saw Rock loving the pasta and Caleb eating up the gluten-free desserts from Starbene…

I saw it.

That’s vision.

The vision came from something and it brought me to something…

I was inspired to share the wonders of Italy with my family because I had been INSPIRED by being there a few months before. That inspiration came in the form of joy and excitement. I felt so deeply connected to my soul when I was there. I wanted to share that inspiration with my family.

The Vision was birthed from Inspiration.

And the Vision created even more Inspiration. It was awesome. The more I imagined it in my mind’s eye, the more inspired I became.

But I could have laid in bed all day imagining and feeling good and that would be called “A Day Dream” — which is valuable and fun.

And it is still not a Dream Come True until we add that third leg of the stool to it.

Intention. It’s about commitment.

I am Inspired. I have Vision. And I Intend to make this happen.

Intention is a powerful force of taking something out of the “I want and wish for this to happen” and putting it into the power place of “I will make it happen.”

“My intention is for my family to heal to themselves and each other.”
“My intention is to take a road trip that ends on the East Coast and then, we take off for Italy.”
“My intention is to write a book about our stories and wisdoms we’ve learned in the messy path called ‘Life.’”
“My intention is to create an Italian Retreat where women can come and have a gorgeous experience of transformation and self-care.”

All of those, and many more things, have come to be. Not because I had the big money or the big time or the big support — nope. It was because I had BIG Intentions.

Getting clear on what we want is VITAL for having the life we want. Having Vision and Inspiration is like having a bow and arrow.

But when we have Intention, we take that bow and arrow and point it in the direction of our target.
Intention is taking the dream into our own hands and doing something with it toward a focused goal.

Intention is about asking yourself:
“What result do I want to have in my life?”
“What do I want to aim for?”

And then, stating that with the passion that is fueled by your Vision and Inspiration.

It’s so freaking powerful.

I was tempted to write, “I haven’t always been powerful.” But that’s not true. I have.

I’ve powerfully sabotaged my weight loss.
I’ve powerfully sabotaged my financial success.
I’ve powerfully sabotaged my relationships.

Oh yeah… No. Trust me. We never lose our power, we just point it in crazy-ass directions sometimes — just like that powerful car we drive: sometimes we take it to get an organic juice or to go help out at a homeless shelter and sometimes we drive it to binge on donuts or to some hotel to the person we’re having the affair with when we’re cheating on our spouse.

Yeah. We do that with our INTENTION.

Okay. I get that this is a MASSIVE  amount of truth, and I could unpack this in several volumes. I’m going to let you sit with it and share this one thing to consider: Our intentions are created based on the beliefs about ourselves and life.

Let that sink in for a blink.

Our beliefs impact our intentions. That’s a big “wow” to sit in and is something I write about a ton as well as work on with my coaching clients… AND that’s a bigger subject for another time, but the point is this:

YOU are so freaking powerful.

And because of THAT, it’s important to get clear.

What Inspires YOU?
What Vision do YOU have for your life?
What intention are YOU creating?

Because baby, it’s all about you. YOU are that powerful. Get clear on what you want. And if you’re not sure what that is, look at your life. Our life is the evidence of our intentions. If there’s something in it that you don’t love, YOU have the power to create something new.

It might not change overnight, but it can start right now.

Sending big love your way,


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