You have the dream.
You have the vision.
You have the desire.
You have the plan.

However, with all of that said, here’s the truth:

You are not an island.

In order to get the dream in its groove and to its final destination, you are going to intersect and interact with many people.

M-a-n-y, many people…

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, as leader and visionary, is to establish your Dream Team.

The people who can cross the “t’s”and dot the “i’s.”

The people who can untangle the things that get tangled.
Who can handle the legal.
Who can help you invest (or find investors)
Or just simply hold your hand while you’re taking the big risks toward your big dreams coming true!

You have an amazing future ahead of you with wonderful people who will be part of the process along the way!

But here’s the thing that is also part of reality:

Not everyone who’s currently in your life is so very Dream Team-y….

I know. Gasp if you want. It’s okay.

I’ll give you a second…

And are you ready for more news?

Some of them are the people closest to you.

I know.  It’s a lot to take in. You can close your mouth now.

But seriously, have you ever noticed that before? That as you were taking life to the next level, certain people mysteriously dropped out of your life — or at least to the fringe of it?

And maybe you’ve noticed (or hadn’t noticed but realize it’s still true) that some of those people were the skeptical ones… the negative ones… the disapproving ones…

Not that it’s all of who they are, they might be wonderful people who you love dearly, but maybe that quality was something that wouldn’t have served your dream.

Perhaps your dream lifted higher than that particular vibration…

Or maybe it wasn’t their negativity, but maybe they just don’t get you or your vision because they’re on a different track and your risk-taking ways don’t resonate with them.

Or maybe they’re not making their dreams come true. Maybe they have their dream on a shelf getting dusty and you’ve got yours polished and ready to go and they couldn’t relate.

It makes me think of the space shuttle.

The space shuttle is headed for thin atmosphere, right? Only a few, specially-trained people, who truly understand the mission and have a passion for outer space can get into that specially- designed vessel and travel.

It will take off from the ground and go past the birds, the parasailers, the helicopters, prop planes, twin-engines, and big jets.

It will even go past The Concord.

When you have a dream that’s designed to head for the stars, not everyone can go there with you.

They are at different altitudes than your dream is.

Not bad. 
Not wrong.
Just different.

Sometimes it will feel like loss.
Sometimes you will feel alone — even with several others around you — you really wished that the one, special person in your life would be able to be there with you and for you.
Sometimes you will feel torn between letting go of the people so you can have the dream or letting go of the dream so that you can have the people…

Sometimes those people are your spouse, your parents, your kids, your co-workers, and your closest friends.

The people whom you love and love you.

I’ve gone through that.

It sucks.

I’ve had dreams that my husband didn’t understand, so, I did that big work alone.
I’ve had dreams my relatives scoffed and rolled their eyes at, so, I did that big work alone.
I’ve had dreams that my kids didn’t have the vision for, so, I did that big work alone.

I’ve had friends be part of my life and then, phase out during the dream-building and then, reappear when it was all said and done. They applauded and were surprised….

I’ve had people I chose not to share my dream with during the vulnerable early months of Dream Pregnancy or in the late stages of Dream Delivery because I knew they couldn’t be happy for me and I just didn’t need that energy around my precious Dream Baby.

Reaching for the stars is sometimes that, so let’s be honest about it, for God’s sake…

But here’s the thing that starts to kick in: The more you press into your dream — which is an expression of you — WHICH is why giving up is not an option because you’re not ABOUT to give up on YOU, right?  The more you will find a peaceful place in your heart about EVERYONE in your life: The ones who are by your side and the ones who aren’t.

The critical people gave you the reminder of how much you wanted this. They are a gift.
The naysayers reminded you of how capable you are. They are a gift.
The dream-on-the-shelf people reminded you of your ability to take your dreams off the shelf and polish them. They are a gift.

The spouse
The relatives
The friends
The colleagues

Who didn’t get you, the dream, or the vision….

They are ALL a gift and their NOT getting it, is part of the strength YOU have because your “I’ve GOT me!” muscles get really strong.

Your “I BELIEVE in me!” faith is off the charts.

Your “I KNOW I can!”resolve gets fierce.

Resistance builds strength when you know how to use it.

EVERY one is a gift to your life — even if they can’t go to outerspace with you. They will always be part of your story and the fabric of your being because they were part of your experience and life that led you to this point.

SO, with THAT all said and clear, when you get to CHOOSE your Dream Team, you can choose people who:

1. BELIEVE in you
2. TRUST you
3. SEE the vision
4. SUPPORT your efforts
5. Are POSSIBILITY thinkers
6. LIVE their dreams, too

And, can I just circle back to something from earlier: Remember how I mentioned that certain people re-entered after you reached your dream and they were surprised? Yeah. Well, your Dream Team is not. They’re not surprised or shocked that you pulled it off because they didn’t doubt that you would pull it off.

They didn’t team up with someone who they doubted. They dreamed up with someone they admired, respected, and believed in.

So, why would they be surprised when you pulled it off?

They wouldn’t.

They knew. And when you know the sun is going to rise, you’re not surprised. You’re just happy and satisfied and inspired.

So, who’s your real Dream Team? The ones who believe in you are the ones to do the work with.

The ones who don’t, will remind you of how strong you are to do it.

Hmmm…. So, I guess that, being the powerful person you are, you can turn them ALL into your Dream Team when you put them in the right position to serve your greatest good. Some in the center, some on the fringe.

That’s actually what a great leader does. You know, a great leader like YOU…

Keep being powerful, Dreammaker. You’ve got a good thing going. Now, do the greatest work any of us can do:

Keep going.

Big, big love from your fellow Dreammaker,