An Unconventional Life: Where Messes and Magic Collide – Books signed by Stacey

Thank you so much for asking about “How do we get you to sign one of your new books?”

Here is the answer!

  1. Purchase the book through me, plus shipping
  2. Tell me who you want it dedicated to
  3. Pay with paypal and it will be shipped to you within the next 3 weeks

The book is 19.95 plus shipping.

  • for 1-3 books, add 6.50 for shipping
  • for 4-5 books, add 9.00 for shipping
  • for 5 books (priority) add 14.00 for shipping
  • for 6-10 books (priority) add 19.00 for shipping
  • for 11 or more books, please send an email to and we will take your order and let you know your shipping costs.

To fill out the order form – click here

I’m so excited for you to be inspired by these stories in An Unconventional Life. Thank you for sharing them with others. Stacey