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In this episode one of my counseling clients, and “soul” assistant, Jessi Bass plays the role of a new counseling client, and I answer her topical questions. We will cover many other topics in future episodes.



00:00: Opening

2:45 Intro to A Coaching Moment Podcast w/ Stacey & Jess

6:00 – Intention setting – What is it and Why


An intention is sort of like aiming your energy and your focus toward where you desire to get to in the conversation and how you desire to get there. – Stacey


I invite my clients to set an intention as well so they are partnering in the results they want to have. I’m not their answer man. I’m not their guru. Its a conversation where their energy and my energy are playing with each other and our highest selves are hanging out and sharing with us the wisdoms that our human mind can understand

9:35 – How To Love Your Spouse When You Can’t Stand Them


When were getting triggered and angry at our spouse in a way that we can’t really remember the love – it’s probably more than just anger. When we get blinded by anger, a lot of times it’s really the present moment triggering past moments.


It ends up triggering the insecurities that we came to the relationship with and who we thought this person was going to write the wrongs of our past and the pain that we had.


The reason we close off our heart and we close off those love feelings is we usually get to this point of I don’t feel safe.


15:33 – How To Navigate Tense Moments in Love


Really whats is magic is being able to pause. Being able to give space between the thoughts on your head and the words that come out of your mouth. The feelings in your heart and the words that come out of your mouth.


Become a Witness. How much of this is coming from another sentence that’s been operating in your like?


Examine. Is there an underlying sentence in my life that this is completing? This always happens and now you’ve done this.


Speak Authentically from Yourself rather than using the words that would normally blame someone and put them on trial.


Authenticity allows for compassion, but blame is going to put defense up with somebody


23:50 – How To Use Marriage as A Mirror

(What this means, and how it can help us grow in the ways that we’re here to do)


The thing that we think the other person is supposed to be giving to us is usually the thing we need to go on a journey to heal for ourselves


What are you expecting him to do for you

that you are designed to do for you

that you’re not doing?


I kept wanting him to change when really it was my blemish


People will match the investment that you make in yourself. And people who are health won’t invest more in you than you invest in you


34:34 Cultivating Community


It’s on our blood, in our DNA that we were meant to do life together. – Jess


I think that life finds a way to recreate those things (community) because its within us to be connected. It’s part of the fabric of our divine being, and our human being, to be connected to one another- to seek out life that pulses with ours.


Sometimes just the spurring of the ideas (of what you can do to cultivate community) is enough to get people going, and started. The whole mentality of understanding, in the first place, how important it is to know that we belong to each other. – Jess


Mentioned Resource: The Turquoise Table, by: Kristen Schell


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