In this episode I interview Rev. Josh Reeves: Minister for over 10 years, serving in Irvine, San Diego, Seal Beach, and most recently in Lakewood, Colorado. He has written three books and began a podcast this year entitled “Weekly Wisdom.”


Show Notes:

00:00: Opening

00:42 Introduction of Podcast

2:10 Intro to Reverend Josh Reeves

Josh’s message is were filled with humor, light, and such depth.

Josh has been a minister for over ten years currently serving in Lakewood, CO. Written 3 books and began a podcast tilted weekly Wisdom. He loves people well. – Stacey

5:15 – A Different Take on Ministry

I think I have a different perspective in the spiritual realm of things, in that religion, spiritual thinking and philosophy to me… I love it but it comes second to  living life and to people. That’s my love and that’s where I connect with a sense of the sacred most.

Caring is the most essential thing that we do, both in a kinesthetic sense (moving our arms and our hands and getting out of bed to how we treat each other each day. For me, when we can put that as our foundation in whatever service work were doing its amazing and sacred what shows up.

7:45 – On Navigating Personalities and Where to Point Your Feet

My essential spiritual practice is relating with people.

That dialogue and that listening is so important to enriching our lives and feeling heard.

What I’ve learned over time as well is that listening and conversation isn’t just a one on one thing really. At its deepest level, the best talks that I give is when I’m really feeling tuned into the collective wisdom of the community. I want to get up there and be a reflection of their wisdom, not necessarily bring down from some philosophized mountain some wisdom for them that they don’t already have. I want to reflect their dreams, their vision, and sometimes even their pain.

Speaking isn’t so much giving a lecture, it’s about building a rapport and having a conversation with folks around you. That to me is where real spiritual connection happens and real transformation can begin to occur.

14:03 Inspired to Become a Minister

Part of what Im a ‘part’ of is almost like a Wild west of spirituality.

So what I’m really interested in is what deep, inclusive spirituality really looks like and what does open minded spirituality really look like.

17:00 Principles of Science of Mind

Science of mind as a philosophy started getting going in 1920s branch of The New Thought Movement comprised of half women leaders.

New Thought to me is kind of a combination of folks who were trying to renew Christianity and renew values and focus on physical healing in particular with kind of this new found American Philosophy of Religion independence and self exploration.

Science of Mind (as a branch of New Thought) is an exploration of the mind and what it can do. It’s about using ancient spiritual wisdom that you might find in lots of different faiths and how do we apply it to the laboratory or life to get results.

Our thoughts are creative and if we focus them in then we can co-create our lies with the divine power and law of attraction.

20:57 Yeah But Isn’t This Just For The Rich Westerners

I think there is this idea that our spirituality is about creating greater hope for ourselves, and remembering even when we’re suffering and going through hard times, that were children of God. That were beautiful and precious expressions of something.

23:40 Using where you are and then evolving something

It’s interesting when a spirituality shows up as a certain time how we can use it and connect with it in our heart and translate it in a new way that it can actually evolve it over time.

Change nothing evolve everything, by bringing more consciousness, more awareness, better listening.

26:16 On Vulnerability

Something that I want to be able to do in ministry or when Im sharing is not just share my flaws, but really share how I’ve seen and found the sacred in my flaws and mistakes.

28:48 On Success

Those people to me that are the most successful are the people who are putting their whole heart into what they do everyday whatever it is and are at peace wit it and themselves, People committed to their own thriving.

I love seeing folks who are willing to shed the skin they’ve been in and be willing to be reborn in a new way.

32:59  One of my Biggest Life Lessons and Being Committed to Your Highest Good

It was an important thing for me to give up trying to make things happen in my life

To let all that go and  focusing on being really good at doing whatever was on front of me to do.

When I stopped focusing on aiming to try and make things happen or forcing them to and just focused on doing a good job – the success and opportunities came out of that.

As opposed to getting everything I wanted in life I got something even better, which is even More than I could have Imagined by being willing to not know and follow a path

Success rarely works the way you tell it to, but as a natural fruition of being you at a high level instead of on low.

37:00 Favorite adages or quotes

“Caring is everything”

“All you can take with you is that which you’ve given away”

To realize there are so many treasures within us and around us but when we hoard them and hold them, they lose all value. And so you have to share them with your life to really get the gifts and presents out of things.

38:12 On Safety, Openness, and Healthy Boundaries

It brings relief for someone to say you’re safe You can’t have fun if you don’t feel safe, you can’t learn if you don’t feel safe – Stacey

“To the extent that we control, we limit love in our lives.”  – John Townsend

Boundaries aren’t the walls that we build to keep eachother out, they’re the guidelines that we agree to so that we can have intimate space with one another.

42:05 On Listening and Judgement

What I want to bring is not just a willingness to get people to dialogue, but to listen better and to also not be afraid to have their hearts broken. And by that I mean that is to not let themselves be complacent o the terribly shitty things that are going on out there.

Sometimes we’re so rushed to fix things, and find the answers to things, that we don’t stop to acknowledge enough the pain and just be in it for a while. And that kind of takes courage, but you don’t get to that safe place to make right decisions until you’re willing to look the pain dead in the eye.

Listening requires some form of understanding our connection. Understanding that when I’m listening to you, I’m listening in to me. That there is that communal wisdom. That there is a connection, we are threaded together. -Stacey

Judgement is when you’re in a relationship with an idea that you already have about somebody or something. And so the relationship you’re in is in your head. The listening is already in your head so you’re not really listening ndn present. You may have to change your philosophy and the things you’ve built your foundation on.

“To truly listen is to risk being transformed forever.” Sakej Henderson

47:40 Sex is the answer… I mean Pie.

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